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The Victory in the Stillness of God! Day#3

By Familyfriends @familyfriends_

“Be still and know I am God!” psalm 46:10

Often when troubles come and I am living life in the middle of a hurricane, I’m trying for the sake of my life to cling on to anything that comes in my way. I have learnt along the way to surrender to this scripture and word of life as soon as possible. When the mountains of troubles and worries rise up like mount Everest around you, the only way is to focus on GOD.  When we take time to focusing on Who HE IS and what He is able, the power He has, and the VICTORY He has won! We restore our faith in Him, and get new Hope, new strength and new power to speak word of life over any Mount Everest that might come my way.

Today I ask you to be still, quit asking question like why? and how?, just be still and know GOD is the same as He was yesterday as He is today and will be tomorrow! 

God is the God of restoration, His is the Victory over empty, dry and sick marriages. Be still and trust the God who is God of small beginnings, He has already started the miracle you hungry for!

Thank you Jesus for making it possible to use your powerful name when we pray!

Heal and restore every marriage we name to you!!

Enjoy Life, Jesus if for real!

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