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The Veneer Has Me Stumped......

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
   Absolutely magnificent day. I am so glad I can think of something positive today and not so damn negative. Wow, looking back at my post over the last few days. Someone should have told me to suck it up! Geeezzzz.......I have very loyal friends. I love you guys. Next time, feel free to tell me to SHUT UP!
  It has rained all day. I don't even care. Let it rain. Me and Evyn stayed in out jammies all day long and watched Soaps. I aint ashamed to admit that.........once.
  The kids had a fantastic Monday and are now playing the Xbox except for Zac. He's under my shirt tail as always. Again, I don't care.
  I have decided to start a kitchen remodel. This could get nasty. Expect bad language. I am going to paint my cabinets black and change my hardware to polished nickle or a antique black. Decisions decisions. I also intend to lay some tile and grout it myself. I have done it before and know now what I need to change and do differently. I had some grout to brake and fall apart. It caused a couple of my tiles to crack.
I also intend to repaint all my trim and doors. Yes, I just finished painting it all white about a year ago. I thought white was a great idea and look clean. WRONG!! Note to self: Nothing white is ever clean with 4 boys no matter how bad your OCD is! I want to paint it all black now. I have saw a few homes and pictures of black trim and doors and it really makes bright wall paint pop. I think black is for me since I have a variety of color in my home that ranges from lime green, burnt orange, royal blue and red. I do have a question. How do I make paint stick and be washable on my generic veneer kitchen cabinets? Ya know.....that slick cheap finish. (and don't suggest sanding it off. It's just a press wood type of material underneath)
  Now, a update on the fam. Things look great. Medications are being managed well and so far so good.
 At this moment Pey and Eli are having a snorting contest it sounds like. Evyn is breaking the "no jumping on the couch" rule and Zac is talking to himself. He's going to be a blogger one day. ;)
  I hope Monday was good to you. I hope someone can tell me how to tackle Veneer.

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