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The Uplifting Project. Please Vote!

Posted on the 23 May 2012 by Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation

If you haven't heard of The Uplifting Project yet I am here to educate you. This is a cause to strongly assist under served communities around the world to build schools and provided educational resources to educate and empower that community. The Uplifting Project will build a school in Tanzania which is located in eastern Africa. Most Tanzanians live under the international poverty line and many of them don't have access to education. 
Helping The Uplifting Project by VOTING will allow them to: 
1- build a school with lots of classrooms and bathrooms
2-supply educational supplies such as desks, paper, pencils, books, etc...
3- cover the cost of labor

You can help make a difference in the lives of a community. 
I have voted everyday since I found this cause and I honestly wish I could get my hands in the project and literally help build the school.
The Uplifting Project is currently working on their first project of building a secondary school in Olasiti, Tanzania and with their steady progress they are hoping to open the school soon to its first 300 students. How amazing is this? Please follow them on their social profiles and vote :)

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