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The Unofficial End of Summer

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
When we put all the girls' summer activities on the calendar a few months ago, I wondered how we'd get through some weeks. There were so many fun activities from camp to outdoor movies to parties. Sometimes there was more than one activity in a day. Sometimes there were multiple activities every day. More than once I wondered what we were thinking -- even as I realized I created the problem trying to get as many fun activities into a short timeframe.
Today, I waited for the girls to come out of camp when I realized this was their last day of camp. It didn't seem real. They went to Girl Scout camp and horseback riding camp. Every day they came home filthy, sweaty and happy. They went to summer camp at the local community college, which offered them opportunities to explore their individual interests. They took Greek Mythology and Creative Writing together. The blond twin took Leadership, while the brunette twin explored Math in Architecture. They took golf lessons, played a few rounds with Daddy and went to the driving range.
I realize summer isn't over yet. We still have lots of plans from an outdoor movie next week with their friends to a trip to the Wisconsin State Fair. If the weather cooperates, the girls will swim a bit more. Tonight they have friends spending the night, and are already planning other sleepovers.
There is something final about the last summer camp pick-up. It does mean that summer is coming to an end, even if some fun remains. Now we're on the countdown to back-to-school, which will be here much too soon.

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