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The Unique Burial Customs Of Tana Toraja

By Gerard @presurfer
The Unique Burial Customs Of Tana Torajaimage credit: Arian Zwegers cc
The Toraja Tribe of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, is known for the cheerful way of treating death, and its unique burial grounds carved in sheer rock. Most tribe members are Christians, converted during Dutch colonization, but traces of their old beliefs still remain and are most visible during funeral festivities and burial customs.
The Toraja are obsessed with death, but not in a tragic sense; to them funerals are a lot like going-away parties celebrated by sacrificing dozens of buffaloes and pigs for a feast enjoyed by the entire community. Their bodies are stored under the family home for years after their death. Tourists are welcome to attend the festivities, as long as they don't wear black or red.
(thanks Stanley)

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