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The Tyranny-Liberty Cycle of Government

Posted on the 27 February 2013 by Adask

Liberty-Tyranny Cycle of Government

Liberty-Tyranny Cycle of Government

Cycles like this one have been recognized for centuries.  Such “cycles” aren’t necessarily true, but they can all be useful in terms or recognizing predominant social attitudes or inclinations at a particular time.

Some people believe this particular cycle normally takes about 200 years to complete. If so, the USA may have exceeded expectations in that this nation is already 237 years old without having yet reached the second “Revolution” and second episode of “Liberty”

But where are we on this “cycle”?  It’s easy to argue that we’re probably at about 7 o’clock–somewhere near the end of “Dependence” and the onset of “Tyranny”.  I’m inclined to agree with that argument.

But an argument could be made that the current “Tyranny” actually began back about A.D. 1933–or even A.D. 1971–and has since persisted.  If so, we are not at the point where “Tyranny” begins.  Instead, we may closer to the point where “Tyranny” ends and “Revolution” begins.

Where do you think we are?  Closer to the beginning of “Tyranny”?  Or closer to the beginning of “Revolution”?

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