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The Two Tools That Every Household Needs

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

Whether you live the single life or the married life, the party lifestyle or the homebody lifestyle, the active life or the lazy life, there are two tools that you should get the moment you first get your own place.

Hammer and Nail
If you want to slowly build a great toolbox, these are the two tools to start with. Or, if you never want to buy tools ever again, these are the two to get. Between these two tools, you can get almost anything done that you need.

  1. Hammer. So simple, it’s almost too simple. But a good hammer is an essential. Don’t be a cheapa*s and get the kind that’s glued together in a shoddy way or the one that doesn’t have a nail puller on the back. Get a good quality, standard hammer with a nail puller on it (a nail puller is the sort of V-shaped part on the back side of the part you hit stuff with).

So, why is a hammer #1? You’d be surprised at how many things you end up needing to nail in, in a home/apartment. Pictures, shelves, sheets over the windows, actual curtains/blinds over the windows, jewelry hangers, shoe racks, kitchen utensil holder, hanging pot rack, calendar, wine bottle holder thingie, wine glass holder thingie… Sure, the back of your shoe will work as a hammer, but it won’t be as fast, as good, and you may ruin your shoe. And a shoe can’t remove nails like the nail puller on a hammer. And of course, a hammer comes in very handy when you’ve got appliances not working in your place or random nails sticking up through the carpeting. Although I think people should fix things properly, sometimes the best fix is a whack with a sturdy hammer.

Manual Drill

2.  Manual drill. Hard to give all the reasons for owning one of these bad boys. But a manual drill has come in handy for me more times than I can count. And the great thing about it is that it never has to charge up. Power drills always seem to run out of battery when you need it most or aren’t charged up when you need to just drill one tiny thing. But a manual drill is always ready to go, and you’re completely in control because it’s you that’s manually making it work.

Do you have questions about contractors, construction projects, renovations, basic home or car maintenance, or other blue collar stuff? Ask in the comments below and I may answer your question in my next article!

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