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The One Way to Make Sure You Have a Great Vacation

By Bluecollarworkman @TB_BlueCollar

With a vacation coming up for my family and me, I remembered the one family rule that has made each of our vacations awesomer than the last.

I'm not saying you have to do this, but do you have to overthink everything you spend on?

I’m not saying you have to do this, but do you have to overthink everything you spend on?

Rule #1, the only rule: Don’t think about the cost of anything.

This will certainly rub the anti-debt, financial people out there the wrong way. But hold your hate mail for just a minute, dudes.

Of course no one should go away on vacation first class the whole way without thinking about it beforehand. You should plan your radical trip within your budget for the big stuff (hotel, car).

But for everything else, stop ruining your vacation because you over think it and drive everyone (including yourself) crazy. You only live once, so enjoy it. Don’t haggle with your wife over whether your family can afford single scoop ice cream cones versus triple scoops. Just let everyone get what they want — it’s vacation! The $20 more or less won’t break the budget, but worrying about it will break your mind.

Your girlfriend wants to rent one of those giant, dumb, beach umbrellas that costs $50 a day? Do it. Don’t pester her about why she forgot to bring one, how dumb those umbrellas are, or how spoiled she is. Just get it. Have a nice trip and enjoy the stupid, big umbrella.

Get what I’m saying, dudes? I’m not saying you go so far as to rent a limo for everywhere you go or get a top floor hotel suite that would impress Kanye West, but I am saying not to worry about the money so much.

Don’t think about the cost of anything.

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