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The Two Political Parties, In a Nutshell

Posted on the 04 August 2020 by Morage @kebmebms

The two political parties, ladies and gentlemen, broken down.
The Two Political Parties, In a NutshellDems: We'd like cops to stop killing minorities.Reps: Dems hate police.D's: Women should have the right to choose.R's: Dems want to kill babies.
D's: We need reasonable immigration policies.R's: Dems want open borders.
D's: We kneel in protest of inequality.R's: Dems hate the flag, soldiers and America.
D's: We should wear masks to protect others.R's: Dems want to take away your freedom.
D's: We should have background checks.R's: Dems want to take your guns.
D's: Feds should not be policing in cities.R's: Dems encourage rioting.
D's: People should have a living wage.R's: Dems want to give everyone free stuff.
D's: We want religious freedom for everyone.R's: Dems want Sharia Law.
D's: Taxes should be used for the benefit of everyone.R's: Dems want socialism.
D's: We want people to be able to vote safely during a pandemic.R's: Dems want to rig the election.
D's: People need more unemployment assistance.R's: Dems blocked unemployment assistance.
D's: Listen, we just want to find ways to help people.R's: Listen, we just want to find ways to misrepresent everything you say in order to scare people into voting for us, even though we offer zero solutions.

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