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The Truth Behind Staged Street Style by Miroslava Duma

By @dollsfactory
Miroslava Duma street style
Asked from journalist Maya Singer about her street style looks, Miroslava Duma confesses what everyone knows but no one speaks about.
'I probably shouldn’t say this, but a lot of my clothes are borrowed. I’m sure people look at me and think, Pfff, this girl, she’s just a silly girl with a credit card with no limit. But that’s not true! Maybe no designer will loan to me now…I mean, isn’t the whole point that girls think I bought the dress from so-and-so, so they go out and buy that dress?'

This Fashion Week has been more obvious than ever. Someone might think that Street-Style has lost the ability to capture how real people in real life dress. With a continous increase in the number of people trying too hard to catch the photographers' attention, even going to extreme means of wearing just underwear under a 99% sheer dress. 
I'm sure, even though the clothes are borrowed, Miroslava like many others in the fashion industry express their own taste, this mostly when they mix and match the various designers, also adding some personal favorites from the past collections. While a total look off from the runway of a designer isn't any more 'street styling' but just a walking product placement. 


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