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The Tropical Dream

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

Given the opportunity, would you want to live in the tropics? Not just for a few weeks or months but actually move, take residence, and live there permanently.

Would you?

The Tropical Dream

Where it's warm and humid all year round with no winter to contend with. Where you can potentially garden all year round.

Has the tropical dream ever crossed your mind?

Had a wonderful holiday in a tropical location before and would love to live there or somewhere similar one day?

Southeast Asia, Central and Southern America, Africa, India, Northern Australia, The Pacific Islands. The Caribbean....

The Tropical Dream

Having an exotic and tropical inspired garden, we get asked this all the time, especially me, if we want to or would move eventually to the tropics. It's a question that I personally find tricky to answer but before I even start to answer often I would hear the one who asked me say first...

Wouldn't it be nice to live in the tropics?

I would love to live in the tropics one day. 

I would move to the tropics if it was easy/possible (and variations thereof...)

The Tropical Dream


Now I'm curious, given the chance and practicalities aside, if it were to be easy, would you want to live in the tropics?

Mark :-)

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