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The Toxic Types of Women Men Always Seem to Date (and Secretly LOVE It)

By Red Hot News @buttrfly7740
The first girl is tried and true, the Drama Queen. Men may say but wait! We hate dating Drama Queen's, that's not true! Well then sir, why is it you always pick them over the great girl who has her shit together? Do not deny it, you love it. You love when that girl gets drunk in a club and is always trying to fight other girls (and a lot of guys), you get kicked out of the club, and you have to carry her out kicking and screaming. Did you break up with her the first time it happened? The second? The third? Exactly. There is a difference between a woman staying down for her man and being his ride or die than a crazy drunk bitch starting something and creating a scene because she thinks someone gave her the side eye. You love drama. Even worse, you love your Drama queen's.
The Toxic Types of Women Men Always Seem to Date (and Secretly LOVE it)
The second kind of girl is what I like to call the Ke$ha girl. Now be weary because she is much like the Drama Queen, but much more chaotic and volatile. The Drama Queen, is extremely insecure, the Ke$ha has way too much ego for no reason. She's just as crazy and unstable, she drinks and gets in fights, but it is taken to a whole new level. To know if you're dating a Ke$ha is very simple. If you wake up the next morning with glitter all over your face, sheets, and floor; you're dating a Ke$ha. If she has more than one pair of ripped fisnets she wears out in public, you're dating a Ke$ha. Run, don't walk, far far away.
The Toxic Types of Women Men Always Seem to Date (and Secretly LOVE it)
The third type of toxic girl is Miss Dependence. Where you at? Who are you with? You haven't called me in an hour? You have 15 missed calls and texts. Kick this fatal attraction to the curb or Glenn Close will be breaking in your house and boiling your child's pet rabbit on the stove. (Look it up, it's a movie, and possibly your future). Nothing could scare me more than a clown following me down a dark back alley. This girl has lower self esteem than the Drama Queen, and is more insane than a mental patient. Her insanity knows no bounds. She will call you, call all your friends, and even call your mother until she tracks you down. She would love to microchip you like a lost cat or dog. This is the girl your mother warned you about. Unless you want her at your door always accusing you of cheating, get out and get out NOW!
The Toxic Types of Women Men Always Seem to Date (and Secretly LOVE it)
Stay tuned for the next installment for women on those toxic men you love to date!

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