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When Will Women Stop Punishing Themselves?

By Red Hot News @buttrfly7740
I know a ton of great and fabulous women. Even though these women are gorgeous, funny, and amazing, they all still find faults with themselves. It could be one fault and something so petty as they don't like the shape of their eyebrows. I just wish for one day or even one hour women could see themselves as others see them. We are so hard on ourselves and compare ourselves to airbrushed photos of women with their make-up professionally done and their hair professionally styled with extensions. We all know how idiotic that looks off the pages in a magazine, just look at Kim Kardashian.
My mother said as we get older we start not to care as much about certain things, like what people think about us, and that's true, but the problem really is what we think of ourselves.  What value do we give ourselves when we find so many flaws and fixable things.  When did flaws become flaws?  I thought all the rage is to embrace your flaws and that's what they look for in the modeling world.  When did flaw become the word to use instead of unique.  Unique face, unique body, unique sense of humor.  If we all were the same then we would just be a bunch of cyborgs, some stepford wives running around with the cookie cutter image.
We can blame society, men, the media, or whomever you want to blame for women trying to achieve the impossible with their bodies and faces, but when are we going to take ownership of feeling the need to change?  In the HBO series Girls Lena Dunham doesn't have the perfect face or body but is naked and having sex in pretty much ever episode with different men.  Why do I even have the right to say she doesn't have a perfect face or body?  Who am I to judge?  A lot of people feel that way though and she has said she's been pressured to be this or that, now she has her own series that is amazing and she is the writer and director.  When Mike and Molly appeared on CBS there was an uproar because people were saying who wants to watch two fat people in a relationship and having sex.  A lot of women have caved to pressure, but Melissa McCarthy didn't and basically said well then don't watch.  These women see their value in the world and love their lives.  I just wish that more women would see their amazing value and contributions.
Hopefully some women will read this article and think about those little things they hate about themselves and embrace it.  Maybe they will see that they are beautiful even if they don't look like Scarlett Johansson.  Every one is beautiful in their own way.

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