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The Top 10 Books Lost To Time

By Gerard @presurfer
Have you read Herman Melville's 'The Isle of the Cross'? I'm sure you haven't. Because Melville presented the script to Harper & Brothers in 1853 but the publisher, for reasons unknown, turned it down. And no copy of the manuscript has ever been found.
Then there's William Shakespeare's Cardenio which has been called the Holy Grail of Shakespeare enthusiasts. There is evidence that Shakespeare's company, the King's Men, performed the play for King James I in May 1613 - and that Shakespeare and John Fletcher, his collaborator for Henry VIII and Two Noble Kinsmen, wrote it. But the play itself is nowhere to be found.
Here are some great written works from authors that you'll never have a chance to read.
(via ackackack)The Presurfer

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