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The Tigress

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
The Tigress Introducing the newest addition to my closet: the tiger. He's the sweater I never knew I was missing, but am so happy to have.
The TigressThe TigressThe TigressThe TigressThe Tigress

The Tigress

Wearing: Asos scalloped collar blouse // Rehab sweater // Gap sexy boyfriend jeans // Coach bag // Jason Wu shoes

 I am currently in the (very painful) process of breaking in my new, and beautiful (...PIA) Jason Wu brogues. It's an ordeal that I have to go through with every new pair of shoes I bring home. I wish there was some way to avoid the pain, but I know of no other option. However they are so beautiful and so perfectly divine, I find myself forgiving their abusive ways whenever I glance down at my feet. Being as beautiful as they are, I am quickly learning that they are a high maintenance shoe. These are cream, patent leather shoes with a black rubber lined heel. I am constantly aware of where I place my feet when I walk (to avoid scuffing), and dogs, cats, etc aren't allowed anywhere near me when I'm wearing them (scratches!).My knee is finally starting to heal, and I'm no longer walking with a limp, and I know with time that my Jason Wu's will be broken in. Now if only I hadn't decided try out acrylic nails - within the same 48 hours that I busted my knee and started breaking in the shoes!! It's bee a very painful last couple of days!

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