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The Three Types of People

By Reporterandgirl @reporterandgirl

I was having a difficult time figuring out what I would write this week. I seem to rant alot, whether its about work or my personal life; but truth is — everyone goes through some kind of crap. Thus, I didn’t want this post to be all about wallowing in it.

Especially on a Saturday night!

Between the blog, my job, and everything else; I have met alot of people, many of whom I couldn’t guess their names and some who will stay in my memory.

Thus, there are three kinds of people in our lives. These are the people whom we will never forget because they impacted us during our most trying times.

The One Who Helped You in a Difficult Time

We’ve all had a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad year.  But the one who has helped you through this, is the one you will remember. They are the ones you will want in your life but unfortunately there will be very few of them around. I have been fortunate to have those very few around me, and I have also been ingrateful enough to let a few of those folks walk out of my life.

I took a trip to Mexico with my best friend (since elementary school) about 8 years ago, and this was the last time I saw her. Long story short, my wallet was stolen by some European tourists, and through the police reports, an overnight at the precinct, and scouring the beaches to find the bastards– I really gave her a hard time. Especially afterwards when we came back to the United States I suggested that we should not hang out as much.

I completely regret my actions. To this day I haven’t apologized to her, although I want to. I just don’t know how.

So that was one down for me, and I went quite a while without having another one.

The One Who Left You in a Difficult Time

Well, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Someone with 3 thousand facebook friends or half a million twitter followers may not even have a friend to call and chat with on a Friday night.

Hell, I even think that the more followers and profiles that one has may actually show how lonely and even unpopular they are in real life; because, it takes alot of time and mobile techology to constantly maintain social media.

So how many of the people in your life would give you a ride if you were stranded? Loan money in a pinch? Even give you an encouraging word when you feel down or things just aren’t going your way? That seems like a short list, and for those that only stay when times are good– are the folks you need to clear out ASAP!

I still remember the hurt the night I came home after I lost my job. My coworkers were like my family – we gave gifts, ate lunch together nearly everyday, I had even met their families; but that night only one person called me. He is the only one I still talk to, to this day.

And here’s the irony — almost a year later the bosses let everyone I knew go.

The One Who Put You Through a Difficult Time

So this last person is very important. There are not many people who will put you through a tough time. Yes, bosses can be overdemanding, teachers can be unfair, the cop that pulled you over is a jerk. But nonetheless, the one that has put you through hell, was only able to do so because you let that person in…so close.

You were vulnerable, maybe for a time you thought that this was the person who would be there — always. This is the person that dragged you through hell, only for you to come out the otherside stronger because you survived the darkness and malevolence. This is the one that tried to break you but only ended up hurting him/herself.

This one is *Jon*, who ultimately inspired me to start writing, kickboxing, and anything the hell else I wanted because I had nothing to lose except for trying.

Everyone should know at least one person who is this; because this is the person that changed you.

Tell me about him or her.


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