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The 'Thing' We Like To Blow

By Dailydoseofmusings @mythoughts4sure
The 'Thing' We Like To Blow
This is my weekend to have my son, so off I went to pick him up at his mother's.
EX-Wife #2 held a birthday party for her daughter this afternoon. Our son was the oldest, surrounded by a bunch of screaming girls. He was doing a great job at playing and entertaining a couple of the girls. Zach had one of the things pictured above, and Zach would blow on it and the girls acted as if the force of the thing knocked them over. They laughed and laughed. They continued this for a while until the two girls moved on to something else.
Zach then aimed the thing at the other girls. I could tell by watching that they were not interested in playing. I had to step in to steer Zach away from annoying the girls. Ex-Wife #2 heard me correcting Zach and asked me from the kitchen, “What was he doing?”
“He was blowing on the…uhh. The thing.”
“What?” EX-Wife #2 asked.
“You know the thing that you used to blow on?” I knew it didn’t sound right as soon as I said it, but ... what the heck. “You know it gets bigger when you blow on it?” I poked my head in the kitchen and was surprised to see a couple of other moms in her kitchen looking at me funny... smirking from ear to ear.
::insert evil looks here:: from EX-Wife #2"What?” I asked.“The thing. Uh, I don’t know, the thing you blow on and it gets longer… Forget it.” I said smiling back at her and turned to grab my son's bag so we could leave.
FYI: if you are ever in this situation the thing is called a "Party Blow Out".

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