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The Text Invasion

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
In the midst of our grief over losing Oreo, our neighbor came by to visit our girls. She was playing with their iPods when she suggested downloading a free texting program. Their Girl Scout troop leader told me about this program about a year ago. She lets her girls us it with restrictions of course.
I told Amanda she could download the program on the girls iPods. A bit later, they were texting with glee. The problem was they only texted Amanda, who was quite busy. I expanded their texting world by giving them phone numbers for a few cousins. Later that day I called those cousins to let them know the girls might text them.
Silly, sill me.
Might text them? The girls had already been texting them for hours and hours. Alyssa told me the blond twin sent her picture to show Alyssa she was really her cousin.
At dinner that night we laid down some rules about who they could text, when they could text and how often they could text. The girls listened carefully and seemed to take in all the restrictions. We ended with a warning that if they didn't follow the rules then we'd remove the texting app.
I have to admit it has been useful to have them texting their friends and cousins. They have a couple of cousins who live far away. I was trying to set-up Skype with those cousins, but texting is really just easier.
So far they've been good about letting us know when someone they don't recognize texts them. We haven't had any strangers text them yet, but we did have the texting safety chat. The unrecognized texts have been friends and relatives texting from an unfamiliar phone number so it's all good. We talked to them about what happens if we ever find out they are texting with a stranger. Luckily for us they really, really love having iPods. The threat of losing their iPods is enough to keep them in line.
Recently there were tornadoes near St. Louis. Daddy's sister and her husband live near St. Louis so the girls texted Aunt Mary to make sure she was ok. It was kind of fun to watch them because they were so excited to help Daddy. A few days later we were sitting at the dinner table when the brunette twin announced that she told Aunt Debbie we were coming down to go to a big flea market held near her house. She said, "Aunt Debbie asked if she could come with us?" I said, "Oh, please tell me you told Aunt Debbie of course she can come with us? Please?" The brunette twin smiled and said, "I told her she could come with us." I figured she would, but it's the uncertainty I'll have to get used to if they are going to text their relatives and friends directly. I know what Mommy and Daddy would say. Now I just have to double-check to make sure the girls have the same talking points.

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