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The SUPER Pump!

By Rockitalk @roarockit

Have you ever made this face while evacuating the air from your Thin Air Press vacuum bag?

The SUPER Pump!

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to draw more air per pump, thus reducing the amount of feverish pumping that is required to get your TAP bag fully sealed?

If so, today is your lucky day! In our efforts to continually improve our board building process, Roarockit now offers a hand pump that draws more than double the amount of air per pump than our standard pump. We call this...the SUPER Pump!!

The SUPER Pump!

With more than twice the volume, this larger "Super" pump can evacuate the air out of a TAP bag in half the time as our regular pumps can! The volume of this pump is 98 cc vs 40 cc's of our original pumps.

It works exactly the same way, simply place the pump over the gray valve and start evacuating the air. If you've used our original pump before, you will notice it takes a lot more arm power to make it work. For those with small hands, especially young people, this pump may harder to manage. 

All our larger Thin Air Press Kits (20x70”, 36x52” and 40x80") now ship to include the Super Pump.

The SUPER Pump!

Note: This pump does not make the "click" sound to indicate when all of the air has been evacuated from the bag. We suggest pumping until the veneers have fully bent to the shape of your mold, and the bag is too tight to be able to pull away from your project.  

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