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The Stubborn Hitter - a Short Story

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

The Stubborn Hitter - a short story


Once upon a time on a field far, far away there was a hitter who was very stubborn. The boy hit mile-high pop-ups.  One after another.They soared high up into the clouds ... and always landed for outs.The coaches all tried to intervene. 

The boy wanted nothing of it.

They searched far and wide for the best instructors in the world.All were paid handsomely to make the long journey to the field.All failed to correct the batter's swing.

The boy wanted nothing of it.

Then one day, the old groundskeeper hobbled by with his sun scared skin and bad knees.He limped behind the plate and saw the hitter swing.He heard the frustrated sighs of all the experts there to help.

The old man said to the boy ..."Son, I haven't seen a ball hit that high since ole' Willy McDugan played here."The young hitter stopped his batting practice, thanked the old man, and said ..."By the way, who is Willy McDugan?" 

As the old man walked away, he said "That's exactly the point."

The young batter then started hitting line-drives.

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