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The Stellas and Lennon & Maisy at Boots & Hearts 2015!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

If it’s possible to talent to be passed down from parents to children, the Stella family has done just that.

The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2463
The Stellas (Brad and MaryLynne) and their daughters Lennon and Maisy (from TV’s Nashville) stepped up on the Boots & Hearts main stage on Saturday to sing some songs, tell some funny family stories and generally be loved.

From the sound check on the afternoon audience was cheering. There are bands that would kill for the kind of pop that Maisy got when she waved to the crowd before anyone ever sang a song.

And while a lot of focus was put on Lennon & Maisy (deservedly so, they are uber talented and have a ton of career ahead of them) don’t forget about mom and dad. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, those girls come upon their talent honestly. When Brad and MaryLynne sing together it’s sweet and strong and honest. It’s also fun when it needs to be, and it seems like they really like to have fun.

Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015
We sat down for a quick chat after the set and Mr. and Mrs. Stella (20 years strong and counting) and they told us that they were impressed with the crowd that showed up to see them play. They also told us that they were happy to be able to bring the girls with them, and on stage they expressed that as well.

When we asked about more dates coming up to support the It Wouldn’t Be This album they told us that there are some pretty cool things happening for them in the UK right now, so they’ll be headed there with the Zac Brown Band – and then they’ll be planning 2016 when they hope to be back in Canada again in the spring.

On a cool personal note, we talked a little about an old school friend Troy Williams who works at their Whitby music school The Music Scene, and engineered their 1st EP down in Nashville.

Both on stage and while we were chatting Brad and MaryLynne were gracious and kind and friendly – and from everything we saw, their daughters are the exact same way.

Lennon and Maisy Boots and Hearts -2591
Saturday afternoon the fans at Boots & Hearts saw something special when The Stella family took the stage. No matter who was featured on a microphone, everyone was there. We saw Maisy singing along to Perfect from the side of the stage. MaryLynne sang harmonies when the girls took the spotlight. And when all 4 played together at the end of the set it really was a very special moment to witness.

This was also the 1st set of the weekend to choke us up. This House and A Life That’s Good got to me, and Trish had a tear or 2 in her eyes when Lennon & Maisy sang Boom Clap with the support of their parents and the band.

They were impressive and inclusive and made us all proud that they are home when they are in Canada.

The Stellas and Lennon & Maisy Boots & Hearts Set List

The Stellas

♥ Can’t Let Go
♥ Perfect
♥ Gravy
♥ This House

Lennon & Maisy

♥ Big Yellow Taxi
♥ When I’m Down
♥ Boom Clap
♥ A Life That’s Good
♥ Ho Hey
♥ Call Your Girlfriend

The Stellas w/ Lennon & Maisy

♥ Baba O’Reilly
♥ Medley: Waterfalls, Fishin’ in the Dark, Callin’ Baton Rouge, Wasn’t That a Party, No Choice

Work Hard. Play Harder. Be Awesome!

The Stellas & Lennon and Maisy Boots and Hearts -2490
The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2433
Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015
The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2441
Lennon Boots and Hearts -2429
The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2579
The Stellas Boots and Hearts -2586
Lennon and Maisy at Boots and Hearts 2015

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