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The State of Australian Digital Marketing

Posted on the 22 November 2012 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

If you are a digital marketer serious about what you do, you’re on Twitter and you’re following a host of influencers across the globe. If you’re committed you will be retweeting much of it. If you’re reading everything you retweet, well business is not so good and you’ve got too much time on your hands.

But the point I wanted to get to, is that many of the reports that we’re all retweeting comes from information coming out of the US. In Australia particularly, we don’t see the sort of in-depth research and analysis to allow us to make regular commentary. So when something does get released here in Australia it’s worth someone like me writing a blog on it. Of course if you’d prefer someone else’s take try SmartCompany.

Responsys, a global agency, in conjunction with the Australian Data-driven Marketing Association (ADMA) released the ’2012 Big Australia Report’ on October 15.

In the ADMA’s own words, ‘The Big Australian Report reports on and benchmarks the practices of digital marketing in Australia, combining survey results from the Australian Marketing Industry and internal data from over a billion marketing emails annually.’

Click and download it if you like or let me give you my take of the report.

Who is the Australian Digital Marketer

The report indicates that the Australian Digital Marketing scene is made up of 46% Males and 54% Females. Go girls. Interestingly enough, 70% of those surveyed feel they have equal to, or greater digital marketing experience than their manager. Who agrees? Let’s retweet.

Prob true! .. 70% of Aussie digital marketers believe they have more digital exp than their managers. #bigaustraliareport

— Quentin Aisbett (@OnQMarketing) November 22, 2012


Approach to Digital Marketing

How does the Aussie digital marketer communicate with his/her audience? Email remains king apparently with 97% of those surveyed saying they use email. Other responses included social media 84%, traditional web 83%, display advertising 49% and mobile web 45%. I for one am surprised by the response of display advertising…Could it be a few people stuck in between two worlds, struggling to adapt?


This headline was not included in the report, it is purely my opinion when looking at what metric the Aussie digital marketer uses to measure the success of a digital campaign. If you were thinking the key metric is engagement, ROI, conversion or reach, well you’ve misjudged the industry here in Australia. The key metric found by this study to measure the success of digital campaigns is click rates. Hmm…Right up there with tracking HITS for website traffic!

Looking Ahead

I have to admit that the future does look brighter for the Aussie digital marketer. The 2012 Big Australia Report highlights that the top three areas that will see increased spending over the next 12 months include (in this order): social, mobile and email.

In another positive, the biggest focus over the next 12 months as reported by 74% of respondents is to improve targeting and segmentation. This was followed by improving ROI analysis and growing their opt-in databases.

I am always grateful to come across reports highlighting local data for the industry and to be afforded the opportunity to provide commentary. I do hope that you download the report and go through it in more detail as I have just provided a very, very brief snapshot and we all know how dangerous that is in providing a true account.

To the 70% of the digital marketers surveyed who believe they have equal to more digital experience than their managers, stick it out and show some initiative when it counts. The game is almost over for some.

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Quentin Aisbett is the strategist at OnQ Marketing. He loves social media, SEO and mobile. Blogging all the time, tweeting even more so and found rambling on Google Plus at+Quentin Aisbett. Be a little old school and email him.

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