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The Stage Chronicles: Exit Stage Left Book 2 by Catherine Russell

By Lauriej

The Stage Chronicles: Exit Stage Left Book 2 by Catherine RussellGUEST POST
Lesson’s I learned from my heroine, Megan O’Day
Some are large, very significant and life changing. Others so minute I may have not discovered them yet. Growing up, if some stranger had told me that I had the ability to create my own world and amazing characters, putting them in my own books, that I would one day hold…I would have laughed in their face, not believing for one nano second that I could ever be that creative, that brilliant and intelligent.    Since discovering my own world, I have found inner strength like never before. It’s like a muscle group that we’re all born with, that some pump iron every day, making massive bulging biceps. While others, such as myself, would sit along the side lines, admiring everyone else. Until one day, I picked up a small hand weight, lifting it a few times and enjoying how it felt in my hand, how my body moved as I began to wield it    Slowly my own muscle groups began to grow, to flex, to stretch beyond my own body, out of my realty and landing in my world where I was the lead actor on the stage of my own life.    Megan is lost when we first met her in Book 1, The Stage. Through multiple trials of error and some success she grows…and so did I. I saw through her eyes, felt her emotions, and enjoyed her strength in my heart as she grew, because along with her I grew as well. I discovered and faced some of my own fears, such as the fear of rejection, the possibility of a negative firestorm, yet I learned to let it flow over me, taking it within as I saw necessary, to not shy away from it, but to learn from it, in essence to grow, in both being bolder and wiser.   My heroine and I share many similarities, childhood homes, loss of a mother at too young of an age and a love of black licorice ice cream. Megan’s mother was in her early 30’s when she passed away, my own mother left me at age 48…younger than I am now. It’s been 29 years since she left and though I can no longer hear her voice in my memories, I know she would have been proud of the stories I’ve created, not just written, but created. Because an author uses words like anyone else on the planet, however the worlds that the words are used in come from their hearts, their very souls. And she did love to dream…as did Megan’s mother. I guess all mothers dream of a better world for their children and I know Constance and Mom would have been just like sisters to one another.    Megan is a very compassionate young lady, caring deeply what happens to those who are in her own inner circle. She freely gives her love, trust, and support, without doubt, and only braces for assault when that trust is broken. She’s reminded me of what it means to be young, free, and joyful. Loving the little things in life such as the simple pleasure of devouring her favorite ice creams, black licorice, which I too splurge on when I can find it.  It’s a part of my childhood that I rediscovered once Megan was born into my creative outline.    I guess you could say that Megan has reminded me of what’s important in life…to love. For what is life truly without love? Though with love we can get hurt, allowing our hearts to be crushed. But without love, without growing, one doesn’t truly live. 
Exit Stage Leftby Catherine Russell The Stage Chronicles: Exit Stage Left Book 2 by Catherine Russell
GENRE: Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Megan O'Day seems to be navigating the unpredictable relationship with Geoffrey Drake, her centuries-old vampire guardian angel, rather well. But then his past suddenly rips him from her, forcing her to face the unknown future alone in the gripping sequel to The Stage.
Still bound to Geoffrey through the power of the Link despite his unexplained absence, Megan's mind is flooded with his haunted memories. While she relives the darkest moments of his previous life, she discovers his attachment to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her.
As she questions Geoffrey's love for her, she strikes up a dangerous alliance with Geoffrey's brother, Alexander, who is also a vampire. She hopes that he will help her find a way to rescue Geoffrey: instead, he seems to be awakening new emotions and desires within her.
As the past and present collide, Megan struggles to fend off Alexander's dark seduction. Is Geoffrey truly beyond the reach of her love forever? If not, what must be sacrificed to bring them back together again?
I began to hear a sound as they were speaking; a small child’s voice, whispering to me. Her high pitched voice, singing a lullaby and I recognized the notes. It was Greensleeves, the same one my mother had sang to me when I was a child. Without thinking, I walked forward, ignoring them as they reached out for me.
“Megan, stop!” I heard them say yet I went in. Suddenly the room was full of sunlight. It was a child’s nursery, with light blue walls and soft white curtains at the lovely double sided windows that opened on to a huge oak tree, whose branches reached out to the window’s ledge. A small robin sat on the limb, singing. I turned to see toys and stuffed animals around the wooden floor that was covered with a multicolored throw rug. Shelf after shelf of books and nick knacks were all around the walls. Then I saw her in the corner, slowly moving back and forth in the rocking chair, holding a doll, gently stroking its hair. She looked up and I saw eyes, one green and one blue. Her light brown hair was tied up with a yellow ribbon, and she wore a pale blue dress with lace and bows. Her legs had the familiar white tights that I remembered as well as black Mary Jane’s on her little feet.
“Hello there,” she said, smiling sweetly.
“Hello. Who are you?” I asked walking toward her, still looking around, totally amazed at what I was seeing, experiencing.
“Well, I’m you of course.” She said, coyly. She jumped up and reached out for my hand. She looked at the cute little tea set on the table next to her.
“Will you join me for some tea with my dolly?” She asked in her little voice, so sweet and innocent. There was something I was supposed to be doing, but what was it? I couldn’t remember. Wasn’t there someone with me, right before I saw her? No, I must’ve of imagined that. Where else would I want to be besides here?
“Yes, I’d love to. Would you like me to pour?” I said, sitting down and crossing me legs as she sat in the little chair beside me.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:
The Stage Chronicles: Exit Stage Left Book 2 by Catherine RussellCatherine Russell was born in Tacoma, Washington and raised in a small town just south, South Hill, Puyallup. At the time South Hill was a heavily wooded area and far off the beaten path. Growing up she had the forests as her fantasy world along with the wild animals. She lived with her parents and an older sister. There are a few similarities from her own childhood that have carried over in to her first novel, “The Stage”. As a child, she did have a small dog named Toto, whom she would quite frequently roam the woods with. Her childhood home still stands, and is still nestled in the woods even though South Hill has undergone an extreme makeover since she lived there. She enjoyed hours of day dreaming and playing in the woods, which in turn fed her fantasy world of make believe.
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