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The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

Posted on the 27 June 2014 by Scottishfiction @scotfiction984
It’s Day 5 of The Spook School Takeover and it’s time to learn a little bit more about how some bands we like in Scotland decided to name themselves. It is important to note that Scotland’s only Independent-Muso-Historiographer-In-Chief Niall McCamley can only tell the truth. We certainly trust him and you should too.
Withered Hand: The musical project of the man previously known as Dannnnnnnnn Willllllson. After trying and failing to buy a name badge that would fit over a single breast Dannnnnnn hired a management consultancy company who brainstormed a number of names. The winning title, Withered Hand, came about when the company’s stenographer lost a hand after being forced to write out Dannnnnnnnnn Willllllllson too many times. His personal name was also changed by deed poll to protect stenographers everywhere to Dan Willson. Many people in the stenographer community still maintain this name is still too long but Dan has decided to cease using their services and instead uses his memory to remember things now.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

Why is my name so looooong!!?!?

Honeyblood: After developing a taste for sweet nectar straight from the plant this Scottish duo sought to eliminate any competition. As such they actually devour bees that encroach on their turf. They have actually eaten so many bees rumor has it that their blood has turned into honey. Known to the local police as Stina ‘Sting Ya and Eat Ya’ Blood and Shona ‘Honey I Blew Up a Colony of Bee’s’ Blood it appears their reign of honey related terror will be never ending.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

The Honeyblood Mausoleum

Randolph’s Leap: The band’s name was originally the title of a concept album. It was to be about a little known Scottish triple jumper called Randolph MacLeod and his tragic final jump at the Olympic Qualifiers where he managed to come joint last with Eric the Eel. The level of tragedy was increased however when it was realised that Eric the Eel was in fact an eel and not the heartwarming amateur swimming athlete of the same name. Randolf then jumped on the eel leading to the International Olympic Community to decree the day Eel Day, the colloquial equivalent in Leith is The Day of Randolph’s Leap Where He Killed That Poor Eel. What a dick.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

Adam Ross

Kid Canaveral: Their first choice name was actually Jodie’s Kidd’s Carnival but this idea was scuppered when discovered it had already been taken by a show on ITV2 +1. It was never actually broadcast on ITV2, just ITV2+1 in order to give the impression that they had a full and varied schedule but in doing so made the +1 element redundant and a lie. In the end the name they went for came from the band’s secret desire to send a baby goat into space. They still harbor this dream and every year petition NASA to open their programme to goats. They also throw goats in the air after they drink too much Buckfast.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

The Kid Canaveral Dream

Tuff Love: They were originally called Ruff Love in homage to their love of dogs. There is in fact bootleg footage of the band trying to enter Johnny ‘Pictish Trail, Mr Lost Map’ Lynch’s beard into Scottish Crufts. The video shows the trio being thwarted in the final round when Mr Lynch’s beard shat itself in front of the judges. If you watch the video below you will see the King of the Lost Map Empire's beard complete lose itself. Poooooooooo. 

Belle and Sebastian: Their first name was the ultra cool Belle and the Sebastians, inspired by the famous Scottish love story about a crate of Jamaican lobsters and a French door ringer. Unfortunately focus groups didn’t like the lobster heavy references and Stuart Murdoch was forced to plump for a French book instead.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

Stuart Murdoch

The Pastels: Originally The Fruit Pastels but they were quickly sued. They tried a lot of names including Opal Fruits, Starburst, Pastel Parcel, Pastel/Future Heaven (PAST HELL FUTURE HEAVEN hahahahaha!). They are now happily called The Pastels and unhappily mocked by fruit flavoured sweets bearing their old names.

The Spook School Takeover Day 5: Scottish Band Names, The Truth

The Pastel's first ever publicity shot

Glasvegas: They worship a glass sculpture of Johnny Vegas. That is all.  

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