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The Smell of Desperation

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Who really wants to see a desperate-for-attention much-face-lifted-and-botoxed 75-year-old woman expose her industrial-strength bra and belly button?

Faye Dunaway, 75, at Game of Thrones season premiere, April 10, 2016
The UK Express‘ breathless headline screamed: “She’s still got it! Faye Dunaway, 75, flashes bra in sheer top at Game of Thrones premier”!

What’s the “it” that Dunaway’s still got?

Exhibitionism? Narcissism? Undying vanity? Age without wisdom? Contributing to the degradation of womanhood?

Who really wants to see a desperate-for-attention 57-year-old woman’s butt, which — YAWN — unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last umpteenth years, we’d already seen countless times before?

Madonna at 2016 Metropolitan Gala
When people reacted with derision, the anti-Christ creature who calls herself “Madonna” came up with the contorted defense, on Instagram, that her outfit was a “political statement” expressing her “sexuality,” for “gender equality” and against ageism and sexism.

Dog eyeroll
Earth to Madonna: You’re not “sexy” — whatever that word means. You’re just a desperate middle-aged woman who equates attention with flattery, who has learned nothing from your 57 years, becoming older but not wiser.


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