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The Smart Approach to Developing a Smartphone App

Posted on the 09 November 2015 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog


Develop a Smartphone App

As easy as it may sound, coming up with a brilliant mobile application is not a piece of cake. Business owners as well as developers both struggle to understand the nitty-gritties of mobile app development. On one hand, we see business owners in a dilemma regarding which platform they should choose for app development. On the other hand, there are developers who are unable to produce satisfactory results because they fail to understand the needs and demands of their customers. The end result: they both sit on a pile of problems and ineffective mobile app deployments. In short, this approach is frustrating, time consuming and gets you nowhere.

One thing is for sure; you don’t want your app to be a failure. So then, what should you do? How should you go about it? Let’s go back to the basics and understand the process and principles behind developing a successful mobile app. We, at VeztekUSA, a mobile app development company in Los Angeles will guide you through the process.

Below is a synopsis of all that will be discussed in this article:

- Understanding both, the front end and the back end process of smartphone app development

– The cost attached to develop an app according to itsrequired features

– Predictions about trends that will dominate the mobile app development industry in the years to come

The App Development Process

Did you know that it takes around eighteen weeks to develop and publish a basic native mobile app?

The same amount of time is used to produce one hundred and sixty eight cars. Woah! Basically, it takes ten weeks to build the back-end and the remaining eight weeks to build the front end. Before you start off with building an app, you should have a crystal clear plan in mind as to where you are headed and what the end results should be. These ideas and features in your mind become clearer with wireframes, mockups or prototypes.

Back-End Development of an App

o Define the back-end structure for your app and set the basics for your mobile app

o Manage user accounts and take measures for their authentication.

o Develop the server side logic that will be used for creating the back-end of the mobile

o Customize the user experience accordingly as to how you want your users to go through

o Allow data integration so that the users are free to share information on third party

o Develop push notification ability for better user engagement.

- Front-End Development of an App

o Caching of data is significant for storing data locally, which will also enhance the speed

o Synchronization of data is vital so that the data can be accessed offline as well.

o Perfect and finalize the user interface by using mock-ups and wire framing.

o Design the UI and translate it to function when implanted on the app.

o Look for UI improvements.

o Quality assurance is significant to make the app perfect and get rid of bugs.

o Once the quality check is done, the mobile app is ready to be deployed.

Cost Attached to Building a Mobile App in Terms of Hours


- Hourly Calculation

o Simple Apps take around 3 hundred hours.

o Moderate Apps take somewhere in between 4 and 6 hundred hours.

o Multifaceted Apps take somewhere between 6 and 9 hundred hours.

o Highly Multifaceted Apps take more than 900 hours.

- Cost

The cost to develop an app varies with respect to factors such as the hourly rate, the features
used and the expertise.

o Developing a small app costs somewhere between $3,000 and $8,000.

o More complex app development costs somewhere in between $50,000 and $150,000.

o A gaming app costs somewhere between $10,000 and $250,000.

Future Predictions

Enterprise micro apps are expected to grow into richer apps by the end of year 2015. Mobile customer care will be segmented as a new requirement along with surfacing context and predictive apps as ‘new buzz words.’

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