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The Small Screen Diaries- 06/15/24

Posted on the 16 June 2024 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

I am now officially up to date on The Boys (Amazon), which has really decided to go hard on the political leanings this season. I noticed it in the first episode, but it is a constant part of the new season. I am personally not bothered, possibly tipping my hat there but I understand that if the MAGA crowd is jumping out of the show, it makes sense. The sad thing is that it is so heavy handed, I think it loses that audience, so it now speaks to one type of viewer. Perhaps before, like when Stormfront was a white nationalist, it wasn’t so blatant. now, things like the armed gunman trying to rescue kids from a building that doesn’t have a basement are ripped straight from the headlines. Firecracker feels like she’s a certain political representative from the great state of Georgia. There’s just a very heavy handed approach, even more so this year than usual, and I think when you go too far, those people stop watching. I’m not sure they care, but the messaging ends up only going to one place and is never heard by the other.

I finished The Big Cigar (Apple Plus), which eventually got Huey to Cuba, and then had an ending that let us know what happened to the rest of the characters at the end. Like that where are they now text sequence. Points to this episode for having a character with no name, who is described in the audio description as the Pirate. Aargh!

Sweet Tooth (Netflix) is also having a great final season. I’m taking this slow, since I don’t have to worry about getting this renewed. Gus and the crew end up at a house with a guy who hates hybrids, but his wife is in labor, and they can help. Things don’t go as expected, and we see more of the wolf hybrids hunting Gus down.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (Netflix) added another member to the crew, as the trio show up at Kenji’s, ultimately leaving Darius there to deal with Kenji as they move on to track down Sammie. Kenji and Darius have a lot of bad blood and stuff to work out, but eventually they seem to get on a good enough place so we can advance the story. meanwhile, Bumpy is taken down! This really is the darkest timeline.

the GOAT (Amazon) is one of the weirdest reality shows. I have to give Daniel Tosh credit for coming up with this because so much in this field never feels fresh anymore, and this borders on parody at times.

hacks (MAX) decided who would host the late night show, even as our ladies are out there kicking some golf ass, and the other guy is doing Jack shit. I’m hoping that other comedian gets hit by a car, so she can still get the late night show. I kinda thought they weren’t going to go that route, but the other comic is so poorly developed.

And, in terms of shows I’m catching up on, I watched another episode of Silicon Valley (MAX) that had audio description. I knew ferrets were illegal in California, and it was funny to see that be such a big plot point.

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