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The Slowest Walker

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Have you ever seen a large, multi-generational group walking? The young people tend to be in the front with the older generation walking a bit slower behind the rest of the group. It's something we see when we walk with my Mom. She's just a bit slower than the rest of us.
The blond twin is the exception to this idea. For a tall, young child, the blond twin is the slowest walker. Most of the time she is between five and ten steps behind us. It's maddening.
When we're out as a family, there are two groups. One of us walks with the brunette twin at a normal pace. The other one walks behind with the blond twin. It's not that she's not capable of walking faster. It's just not a pace she likes.
It's something I battle every day when we walk home from school. I'm holding Oreo and talking to the brunette twin. I'll ask the blond twin and question and there's no answer. I turn around to look for her and she's three or four houses behind us.
No matter how slow we walk, she just walks slower. Of course, when she's tired or cranky, she yells at us, "Slow down. Don't leave me behind."
Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think. They must wonder why I only walk with one daughter and leave the other behind. Of course, if anyone ever had the nerve to ask, I'd probably say something like, "I like the brunette twin better." It would make the girls laugh, but probably not amuse anyone else. 

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