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The Single Mother's Guide to "Ghetto" Doughnuts....

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
In my house, we call these "Ghetto Doughnuts". I know, classy aren't we? 
They taste ALMOST like real doughnuts and I can guarantee they are probably just as fattening!
You will need:
  • 1-2 Packages of CHEAP pre-made biscuits. We use the Kroger Brand. Usually they are 2 for $1.
  • Sugar and Cinnamon
  • Pan of Vegetable Oil

I cut each biscuit into 4 pieces while the oil in the pan on the stove is heating up (Med-medium high depending on your stove. Please, no fires!) I also pour a bunch of sugar and cinnamon into a random bowl.
When you put a piece of the biscuit into the pan and it starts to fry nicely (read: lots of bubbles on the sides) it's go time! I usually fry these in batches of 6-10. 
Fry 'em up! Pull them out of the oil and throw (or slam dunk, the choice is yours) them into the cinnamon/sugar mixture. Toss to coat and put on some papertowels.
Consume and enjoy! 

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