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The Single Coolest Thing I Have Ever Experienced

By Philmonk

Watching my daughter come into this world was the single coolest thing I have ever or will ever experience in my life.

I still really can’t explain the feeling of watching another human life come into this world.

I’d wondered what it would be like, my wife used to joke that I’d pass out (I’m not good with all things gooey) but watching her be born was something I will never ever forget and one that I am truly thankful that I witnessed.

We didn’t really have time to think about it. Once my wifes waters had broken it all happened fairly quickly. We didn’t even have time to get the bags from the car. It was into the maternity unit and start pushing… Literally.

Being able to be there and try and be as supportive as I could was incredibly important to me. I think us dads or dads to be can sometimes feel a bit useless or a bit of a spare part, and to a certain extent we are, it is, after all about our partners and our soon to be born baby.

But being there and trying to be as much a part of it is important, it’s something that I might not have the opportunity to experience again.

When the midwife said the head was out, looking down and seeing my daughter for the first time was just amazing, I don’t know how else to explain it. A couple of minutes later my daughter was born and I was just overwhelmed with emotion. I remember bursting into tears as she was put into my wifes arms.

Because she’d had a bit of a rough time, her heart beat had been dropping after each contraction and she’d been born with the use of forceps they needed to check her over, the staff at our local hospital were fantastic, and quickly reassured us that all was ok and she was soon back in my wifes arms again.

She looked so tiny all wrapped up with a little yellow hat they’d put on her, but there she was, the little girl that we’d waited so long to meet, my daughter. I was finally a dad. I couldn’t have been more proud.

Seeing another human life come into this world was something I was privileged to have witnessed and is simply the coolest thing I am ever likely to see.

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