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The Silencer in Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 1

Posted on the 24 September 2012 by Uzmhan

The Silencer in Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 1Everything is set to the much awaited and much anticipated season comeback of this crime thrilling drama for Season 8 the none other than “Criminal Minds”. Yes, its back guys and make sure that you are not going to miss to watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 1 Online coming up this 26th of September on it’s the same timeslot every Monday night so get ready for another mind blowing and mind staggering episode that will surely be an entertaining one.
By the way, starting this season, we will no longer see Paget Brewster with her character as Emily Prentiss on the show for she was leave and you can watch her on Scandal Season 2 that will also set to premiere within this month also. But good news for everyone because Jeanne Tripplehorn was joining the amazing cast and she will make her first debut on the series on the first episode so make sure that you won’t fail to watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Online and witness her wholesome performance that is highly satisfying for she was very good actress.
“The Silencer” that would be the title of the first episode of Criminal Minds Season 8 and on this episode, you will be able to see the Texas prisoner was escape during the transfer and he leaves his victims a unique trademarks that indentified him as a silencer, a silent killer. Sewing the mouth of his victim was his signature and the BAU. After the investigation BAU have found out that new member of the team. Watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 1: The Silencer Online and you will be able to see Jayne Atkinson with her character as Erin Strauss and Jeanne Tripplehorn as she make herwill first appearance as Alex Blake.

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