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The Sign's That Spring is on the Way.

By Plot58 @plot58
Haven’t had much time this week to get up the plot, today I only managed to do 2 hours but in that time I did manage to get a bit more done on the floor round by the compost bins, a few more pallets and it will be done. The sign's that Spring is on the way.
I also sieved out the ash that I got from the bonfire last week I am going to use it to put round my soft fruit. I did notice that the first signs of spring are now on the way the autumn fruiting raspberries are starting to push through and my recently planted miniature pear tree’s buds are starting to swell. Although there are no sighs of the rhubarb that I planted last September let’s hope they haven’t rotted because of the snow.
I have had mixed success with the broad beans sown a few weeks ago, some have turned black and rotted but some have flourished and look almost ready to plant out. I have a few more seeds left so will sow them at some point to replenish the ones lost. I have now managed to get Thursday off work and plan to spend the whole day down the plot as the raised beds wont dig them self’s over!
More from the plot then I suspect. if you want to see more pics then take a look at my facebook page there's a link on the right.

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