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The Sights Of Nepal

By Hanna

I am looking forward to seeing the sights of Nepal. But, by sights I don’t exactly mean the top ten places featured in every Lonely Planet guidebook. Neither do I mean the tourist destinations you must frequent as directed by the double spread of a holiday brochure. No. I mean the real sights of Nepal. The stark, unadorned and unassumed sights of Nepal.

As I lead up to my stay in Kathmandu I have been told countless number of times to be wary of the people, the sights, the smells, the heat. Also, how I will not manage and the culture shock will throw me overboard. However, these are the things I am looking forward to experiencing the most. Nepal will not be the first South Asian country I have visited but it will be the most special.


Pollution in Kathmandu

I am looking forward to encountering the authentic Nepali life that M has been experiencing his whole life. As my flight date draws nearer I am lost in thoughts imagining myself stepping out of the aeroplane into the warm humid air and feeling the suns rays beat on my skin. I imagine the dust enclosing around me as I go about day to day life in Nepal. I imagine living without electricity for 12 hours a day or not being able to drink fresh waster from the tap.

Additionally, I imagine pushing my way through the bustling crowds following M keeping him in my eye line. Whilst I feel everyone elses eye line move over toward me. M tells me stories about his daily commute into the city and the traffic on the roads and I just listen eagerly nodding along. His words bring the colours and noise of the city to life.

Busy streets

Busy streets of Kathmandu

M walked past this wedding on his lunch break and they called him over to drink tea!

M walked past this wedding on his lunch break and they called him over to drink tea!

Often the cause of delays!

Often the cause of delays!

I yearn to witness for myself the sounds of children playing and the dogs barking. These have been the background noises when calling M for the past seven months. I often wonder the expressions and carefree smiles on the children’s faces.

Also, I am looking forward to travelling outside of the city and partaking in village life. M has been travelling to villages all year with his parents and research. He often sends me photos which just take my breath away.

image_2 (3)

image_1 (3)

I suppose, my heart is set on these odd sights so I can experience Nepal wholly and embrace my new home – a new part of my life. I know I already love Nepal somewhat as it is so ingrained within M.

It is just 12 days now till I arrive and it is starting to feel real now! But don’t worry, I am also looking forward to visiting many of the tourist places and sights, they are also on my list!

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