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The Shoe Campaign

By Nelton @neltondsouza

Woo Hoo - Shopping in the Sales!

Woo Hoo - Shopping in the Sales! (Photo credit: Caro's Lines)

At last, after slightly more than a year, my formal shoes gave way. Should I say thanks to the uneven roads, lack of footpaths, and my walking habits or even running at times in office, I wonder. But yes, I can surely thank the makers as the things made in today’s times usually never last long. Be it the summer, winter (Bombay has been seeing some winter days as of late, something we Bombayites are not used to) or even the rains, my shoes made sure I got home with a sole beneath my feet. As the aging signs of my shoes began to show I was convinced that the ripples and creases would soon lead to my shoes turning into crocodiles. No matter how much I tried, maintained and polished, I couldn’t prevent it from happening. The day was here, and I was unprepared.
I must admit; my shopping skills are bad, to say the least. My choice gets everyone questioning whether I have eyes and by the money I spend, if I’m the only son of a millionaire. Fortunately, I have my sister who has eyes that pick the jewels that come within easy reach. But since dependency at all times is not good, I decided that I would buy the shoes myself.
On my way back home from office, I stopped at a very popular shoe shop that has Kareena and Saif as its ambassadors. I’m sure you will find this store in every Metro. In fact, they are opening stores in sub-metros too. I walked in and was guided to the formal shoes section. Forgetting about questions like the price range I picked a shoe that I liked at first glance. The comfort of wearing it was good and the style suited my attire. I tried a few more pairs and did a mental comparison. The salesman let me take my time and was silent in observation. The price too wasn’t something I couldn’t afford; luckily for me it was pay day. But since I was taught to study the market first and then purchase, I decided to have a look at the other stores and make a decision. So I excused myself and walked out.
The next store I went to boasted of shoes that were made to sustain in the Land Of Woods. What was even better was they had a sale on. Unfortunately, they only had 1 pair of formal shoes and that was not to my liking.
I headed over to another store. No brand here to boast of. I must say here is where my ordeal started. The words that kept flowing from the salesman’s mouth superseded the shoes on display. It was as if he were on a rant. As per him every shoe was of top class that could beat the best, suited me like no other, had the comfort of the shoes of a king and would serve me like a faithful servant all my life. My every move to get out of the shop was foiled by another pair of shoes. It felt like I was held captive and would never be able to leave.
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