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The Serving Doctor

By Marrissanicole @PsychServeLove

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, great ideas are born; other times, we have to reach to dark and desperate places, grasping for ideas. If you couldn’t tell, I was the latter when trying to come up with a blog name.

Before I launch into it, let me tell you that putting this blog together has been a process. With anxiety breathing down my neck, I have been both excited and frustrated with my progress. I’ve only had this blog a few months and it’s changed my perspective on serving, bartending, & my guests. I am learning with you guys – because I’m not actually Superfuckingawesome Serverwoman. I am human; I get frustrated, get bad feedback on tables, throw fits about drink and food times, and certainly don’t always set a good example. And sometimes, my writing is completely useless to you.

So through the evolution of my blog and myself, I have finally come up with a name for the blog that won’t leave you feeling confused about its actual purpose. This blog is about my stories and adventures for you to learn from as I have, because I’m tired of being a miserable server.

Only a few things will change, mostly how I reference myself. The name of the blog here, on the Facebook & twitter page and the e-mail address you can contact me at. If you have any questions or feedback, I am open-minded and ready for your criticism!

Good riddance to improvements & future posts!

The Serving Doctor

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