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The "Selfie"

By Sarah @PictorianPhoto

 I have conversations with girls a lot. I talk with the women that I photograph. I shoot mothers, daughters, sisters.  I shoot these stunning, beautiful models. And they all have one thing in common. They are not happy with themselves. 
It doesn't matter if they have the longest legs, the most beautiful eyes, an amazing figure. They will hear the good but believe the bad. Anything wrong that was told to them, any person who hurt them. It is now to them, truth. 
Well I have something to say. Yes me, the photographer. The person who specializes in this sort of thing. YOU. ARE. GORGEOUS.  
Beautiful, stunning, handsome, courageous, compassionate, sexy, breathtaking, stu-freaking-pendous.
 I urge you to watch the video at the bottom and then follow me down below for some more pep talk as to why you are amazing....
For years I was teased. Mercilessly. I was called so many names. I was called a boy, I was called a transsexual, I was told to kill myself. Written love letters to boys that were later passed on buses...etc.
Well, guess what? I'm still here. Haven't left, didn't kill myself, got better, stronger, accepting and real. When I turned 18 I started photographing. Friends, my cats, places and lastly, myself. 

I cannot tell you how freeing, how helpful and how connected you can be to yourself when you take the time to photograph who are you to you. It is the most remarkable experience. You start to see yourself in your eyes rather than others. You gain confidence for the unique features of your face, the delicateness of your body. The truth that you are in fact, human. Worthy of love, worthy of time, worthy of space on earth. 
I urge you to not hesitate to start shooting yourself. With whatever form of camera you have. But I also want to warn that if you do this, don't share all of them. Because it's not what people say about you, that needs to lift you up. It's what you say and believe about yourself.  You will rely heavily on others opinions if you solely shoot for others. (This is a mistake I made for a lot of my self shoots throughout the years.) Shoot for the person in the photo. Make yourself a friend, a best friend. 
You are the only best friend you'll ever have. And right this second, don't you think you deserve to love every single bit of what makes you remarkable?
I did and do. Yeah, see that? That smile looks good on you.

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