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The Secrets to Big Tips on Father’s Day

By Marrissanicole @PsychServeLove

It isn’t very often that I talk about my place of establishment. I believe that no matter where you work or what section you’re in, if you’re a great server you can make money anywhere. With that being said, where I work has no significance because I’m a great server. Therefore, it shouldn’t matter because the advice applies the same to every type of restaurant.

But on Father’s Day, I couldn’t love working for a brewery and pub more than I do on this day. Working in an industry that caters to men – the easier to please gender, in my opinion – means I leave the holiday with a few extra bucks to spend on dad. Even in the rare occasions I’ve had the day off, I’ve volunteered to work.

In honor of my favorite serving holiday, I’m here to share with you a few tips on how to make a few extra bucks on Father’s Day.

1. Men’s needs & wants are more simplistic than women’s, cater to that.

This seems like a very sexist idea, but it’s the truth. Ever notice how men don’t often talk about their day when you give them the obligatory “How are you?” If they’re alone, they’re usually pretty curt about pleasantries – they want you to take their order so they can go back to reading about video games or e-mailing on their Blackberry. Every man is different, but read the signs he gives you. Men don’t bullshit around; they’ll tell you what they want from you. Read the signs, reap the benefits.

2. Make real suggestions about food if they ask.

I know, I know. Talking about the food on your menu that you see every day and probably have to eat on your breaks really isn’t your cup of tea. But a few suggestions based on their likes/dislikes in your food will go a long way. Some menus are like shopping, you have to walk through the whole store to find one thing you like – sometimes that can take hours. It’s no secret that shopping isn’t a man’s favorite activity, remember that when he asks for your opinion. You know a lot more about the menu and your food than he does, so be his personal food shopper. Remember: food make man happy.

3. Encourage indulging in all courses.

How often do you see mom order for the whole table or (my favorite) mom telling dad not to order something because the calorie count is too high? Men are often out ruled on their choices when they see their significant other guilt them into eating better; it’s just easier to agree than deal with a long lecture and argument later about their meal, so they usually cave (Sorry ladies, it’s true; we’re frickin’ bonkers.).

This is a whole day dedicated to dad, make it about him. Encourage beer, the deeply fried food or too expensive steak and/or dessert. Making dad happy is the most important part of the meal, and even the healthy-eater enforcer will appreciate that.

4. Use your sense of humor.

If you have one of these, use it! In my experience, men appreciate my inner 15-year-old teenager and awkwardly placed sarcasm more than women. Some quick-witted banter and playfulness (it does not have to be flirty) will earn you a few chuckles and a few extra bucks for being engaging (like your restaurant wants you to be) and personable (like you want to be).

This should only be used when observation skills are on high, though, because wrongly used jokes are a means for disaster. Pay attention to when a sense of humor is appropriate!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads!


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