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The Science Delusion

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Adask

The following video is fascinating and arguably profound.  I’ll watch it more than once.

As originally conceived, “science” was intended to be only a method of inquiry for the purpose of discovering truth.  But is today’s “science” still a method of finding truth–or has “science” become a system of fixed beliefs very similar to a conventional religion and therefore tending to suppress the discovery of new truths?

It appears that many of the “constants” of science (like the force of gravity and the speed of light) actually vary significantly over the course of a day, week or year.  Those “constants” lay the foundation for the “science belief system” (religion). But if the seemingly fixed “constants” change, what is the value of the “science belief system”?

In the following video, we can see hints of the fundamental reasons why modern “science” is adverse to Christianity.  Both are religions and are therefore as fundamentally opposed as Islam and Judaism.  In the natural conflict between the belief in “science” and belief in God we see an expression of spiritual warfare.

video    00:18:20


Here’s another, longer video (01:20:26)  by the same speaker on the same subject:


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