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The School Wont Help My Autistic Child

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
ID 10034541 The School Wont Help My Autistic Child


I first realised my son was acting strangely at around 17 months old, when I say strangely I mean head-butting radiators and pulling out his own hair without crying . This was no usual phase. He also began biting himself. I took him to my GP who referred me to a paediatrician.

The paediatrician team were already aware that my son is blind in one eye. They took numerous amounts of tests and chromosome tests to see if there was a underlying issue. There wasn’t so from September 2009 I have been seeing various professionals at least every 2 months.

My son is now aged 4 and they have decided he has the layers of autism (I always had a feeling he did) and has been placed on the autistic spectrum.


The School Won’t Help My Autistic Child

He is going to mainstream school, he will be in a class of 35 children and only get 15 hours a week of support, the reason he’s at mainstream is there is simply no room at specialised schools even though mentally he is 2.

My son’s speech is 1.5/2years so my son in less than 6 weeks’ time is going to be put to the test to see if he “copes”. Personally I think it’s all wrong, he will be reviewed next year. My boy can’t cope with trips to the supermarket  or a simple family gathering at Christmas, yet they say he will manage just fine at school with no extra help.

This matter has been taken to the MP and the house of education to try and make sure this doesn’t happen to other children who desperately need the help.

I am fighting the 15 hours as he needs 100% one on one time.


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