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The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn

By Lauriej
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra DunnThe Sage's ReignThe Final Lesson Book 2by Shakyra DunnGenre: YA Fantasy
Eternal night looms over Adrylis.
After her Grimoire is lost to the Order of Helix, Leilana is left to prepare herself in a newfound way before her return to the crown city of Linmus to help reclaim Prince Remiel's throne. One by one, countries lay burning at their feet. Magic is on its last legs, but the Orb of Concord is within their reach.

From the opposite spectrum, the mastermind awaits, playing puppet-master as they march to their doom. Time is against them as the final moonless night looms above. The final test from the Warlords of Old has finally come into play.

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The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
Sien nocked an arrow carefully, her weapon still grasped in her hand as shetrekked down the corridor furthest left from the entrance. Her mouth and tonguewere dry, her breaths shallow. Being inside of this stronghold made her feeluneasy enough already, and the foul stench of the medicine filling the are didnothing to help alleviate her nerves. The creak of a nearby door alerted her,causing her to turn her back with her weapon ready to fire, only to find that therewas nothing in her path. Maybe it was the wind from an open window. Shelowered her bow again, sighing in relief.The idea of being so close to terrorists that destroyed her home wasoverwhelming. They were willing to stop at nothing to have Rem’s power, likelyto hold him for ransom and have his lineage act as a catalyst for the Orb ofConcord. If his untapped power was used for malice, there would be no countryleft to defend, let alone no war to draw out the end.“Playing adventure, are we?”Sien jumped at the new voice. It was real, no doubt about it. They werehidden, beyond well for what skills she possessed. She squinted her eyes, andevery half second, a silhouette swept through the halls before meeting head-on.Centimeters from her face, touching her nose, grazing Sien’s parted lips to closethem shut again, stood a girl with long blonde hair tied with red bows into twoponytails cascading down her back. She was clothed in a black cloak, redrosaries on either side.“We’ve never had strange visitors in Megalina before.” The girl’s voice wasrather seductive, and Sien felt more confused than aroused. “Hi, I’m Faris!You’re a real cutie.”“Megalina?” Sien cut in, deciding not to acknowledge her obviousadvances in favor of answers. “Is that the name of this place?”“Right!” Faris beamed, not seeming to mind the cold shoulder. “It’s a namewith many meanings—sanctuary, understanding, resolve. But we call it ‘home.’It’s torn and desolate, much like the rest of us. We have no place in this world asisolated magic-users.” The girl ran her fingers along Sien’s exposed shoulder,her scarlet locks becoming entangled in her aquamarine-coated nails. Sienswallowed, her head spinning from her overwhelming anxiety in tandem withthe antiseptic odor, but she didn’t allow herself to drop her guard. “But you…you’re different. You’re a drifter, I can tell. You don’t act like the others.”“I use my gift to help others,” Sien retorted, prying herself free from thegirl, pointing an arrow at her. “I don’t kill without reason.” The girl folded herarms behind her back, cocking her head to the left, a soft grin on her delicatefeatures. Not a single line on her face went out of place; there was no fear resonating in her. That made her dangerous.
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn

The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn

The Final Lesson The Final Lesson Book 1

"Trust none but yourself."
Leilana Erovina's got a bid for power as she takes the final test to become one of her realm's Warlords. As such, she sets out to travel the lands of Adrylis and log magical totems from respectful folk with only one hitch—no ancestral help. The quest is a pilgrimage to learn the basics of human nature. Some would call concepts like gentleness and passion fables of the heart.

In another perspective, war brews in the kingdom of Linmus, throwing Adrylis into chaos. Prince Remiel Vesarus finds himself in exile, vengeance on his mind for those who tore his life asunder. His attendant Solus Brenner at his side, they plan on restoring their kingdom against all odds.

Fate has drawn these two parties together. Conjoined at the hip, the traveler, prince and right-hand will learn the old saying of magic: "It always comes with a price."
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The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
Leilana must have read through the notes that Hinju provided half a dozen times now, and she still couldn’t comprehend melding human emotions with magic. There was so much about the concept that seemed off-putting. The radio on her desk was blaring, the discussion heavy on news of the kingdom of Linmus. The details were nearly lost before she decided to acknowledge the static-filled device.“It has been five days since the kingdom of Linmus was struck. No one is certain of the circumstances, and there appear to be no survivors from the castle grounds, with few having fled the city limits. Among the fallen are King Somano Vesarus and Queen Rira Lurin-Vesarus. The only remaining heir to the throne, Prince Remiel, has been declared missing-” Leilana reached for the dial of her pocket radio and turned it down to a lower setting, continuing to look over her notes. She was stumped on the field of laughter. There were so many interpretations that Hinju could have specified for his notions, and instead, he stuck to the most literal statement. Laughter is the expression of true happiness. Encountering someone that may possess the totem of laughter is most evident in how they carry themselves—they walk in the present, ignoring the past and looking to the future with open arms.Come on, seriously? How many people still had reasons to laugh and be merry with war at their doorstep? How could they live a life where the future wasn’t even guaranteed?Closing the spiral-bound notebook, she turned the radio up to listen to the news about Linmus again to find infomercials about ‘the land of sunny springs, Kinsley’ playing. They were holding a formal to shed some light in the world of chaos. It wasn’t the first time she had heard of Kinsley, but from acquired knowledge, it wasn’t her ideal vacation spot. Too much sun was bad for the skin. She laid her head on her desk, giving a passing glance to the open window, where the school’s pride stood gallantly in the form of a mahogany tree. The skyline reflected a melodious blend of ginger, rose and amber, the premature light hovering over Adrylis promising a bright start to this pilgrimage she was granted. She turned to look over her room. It was minuscule but fit for one due to its custom options.
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
Shakyra Dunn can't stray away from the impression that there is always an
adventure around every corner! When she isn't playing the role of the
Creator, she is marching through the worlds of her favorite video
game characters or taking drives around her city to see the sights.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, she currently resides in Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, striving to experience more than the little town.

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The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn
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The Sage's Reign by Shakyra Dunn

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