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The Rules

By Clemance @boobrevolution

Hey all, I’m back! Sorry for my hiatus, life got ahead of me for a while there.
Anyway today where goog to go through the rules of how to dress, and also how to make yourself look perfect.
Wish One, the thigh gap.
Everyone has to have a thigh gap. If you don’t have one you should just hide forver. Here is how you get one: first you bend your knees uncomfortably forward, then you get someone to take the photo before you fall over. Then you become an expert in Photoshop and finish off the bits bending your legs didn’t get.
Wish two, the hip dip
You have a hip dip?! What is wrong with you! Okay step one: convince a doctor of some sort and ask them to preform surgery, since its your bone structure that is causing this. I also reccomend Photoshop if you can not find a willing doctor.

Guess what? Some people have these, and some dont, because all bodies are different.
So what are the real body rules?
1. Only a doctor can tell you if you are healthy
2. Only you can tell if you are beautiful.
Sounds easy? Well the second one might be hard, but its a lot cheaper than Photoshop and surgery!

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