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The Round Up: June 28, 2013

By Jennifer @jennynov23
citrus print skirtI have always been a fan of patterns, prints, and stripes. The less conventional the pattern the happier I am. Give me birds, lil horsey’s, frogs, you name it and I will wear it with pride.

Imagine my excitement with the arrival of all these new citrus print patterns that have been sprouting up over the past few seasons.

It all started with the Stella McCartney lemon lime and grapefruit patterned skirt pictured above that sparked my love for citrus print clothing and accessories. Since I didn't win the lottery last summer I never had the chance to own that "sweet" skirt. I truly longed for the day when a more affordable line produced a similar pattern.

Luckily this summer the pattern is still quite popular and very wearable. Today's round up lists three designers who have embraced the trend, in three different price ranges.

Enjoy, and happy Canada Day to all you crazy Canadians ;)

1.Treat Yourself: Pineapple Mini from J.Crew

jcrew skirt
The Round Up: June 28, 2013
You guys, how cute is this skirt? And the good thing is its not TOO cute, its just the right amount of fun, it tells the world you don't take life too serious but you can make serious fashion choices (and that's good right?) I love it paired exactly as is, with a basic stripped t-shirt. 2. The Investment Piece: Moschino Knee Length Skirt
citrus print
Moschino is having a sale, a big one! This skirt is now 50% off, its still a slight investment and heck its not super practical but its Moschino, so its special, and its made in Italy, and its got pineapples on it, can you really go wrong?

This Pineapple print shirt is also on sale

citrus print

I have one issue with this amazing online sale, they don't shop to Canada :( As a side note can someone please help me petition for shipping to Canada!!! My favorite brand doesn't ship to my country. This is really distressing. 

3. Break the Bank: And now, in things I will never own unless they go on super sale, the Charlotte Olympia Fruit Clutch.
citrus clutch

The Round Up: June 28, 2013
Its really not fair that these babies are so expensive, but I get it, they are limited edition and highly coveted.  Check out the watermelon counterpart (I'm thirsty for some sangria right now by the way)
The Round Up: June 28, 2013

Sure, its the same amount as a mortgage payment, but I am pretty sure with purchase you also inherit a watermelon farm, right? Either way i still think its super cute, hey if someone can find me a cheaper version I would be all over that. Lemme know in the comments below if you have any shopping tips :) 

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