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The Round Up: Friday September 13 2013

By Jennifer @jennynov23
moschino blazerFall + Plaid = Love
After a freak heat wave here in Toronto we finally woke up to a slight breeze and temperatures below seasonal. Personally I couldn't be happier; these next two months (if we are lucky, sometimes winter arrives a bit too early over here) are my favorite time of year, and not just because of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, although that helps. I am sure over the next few weeks as I bust out my fall wardrobe I will be flooding this blog with my fav fall trends. Today I wanted to start the ball rolling with what is  probably one of my top 3 fall trends, plaid. 

A few weeks back I spotted this GORGEOUS Moschino tartan velvet trimmed blazer on Net-A-Porter, only problem is that well, its Moschino, and thus comes in at over 2 grand. So I will likely never own it, so sad isn't it? moschino blazerBut a'int she a beauty? Since spotting this jacket I have been on the hunt for some MUCH more affordable tartan/plaid fall items. This brings us to this week's round up, so check out my top 3 picks below and have a great weekend! 

1. Cambridge Satchel with Tartan Pocket: available on Shopbopcambridge satchel
cambridge satchelI love both of these color combo's and it also comes in yellow which I think wouldn't be as easy to incorporate into any wardrobe but its still really striking. This satchel has the perfect subtle pop of tartan and its an accessory which makes it less obvious, as opposed to the more daring lets say ummm, pants with a full back-side of tartan (up next).  cambridge satchel2. MINKPINK "An Education" Leggings, Holiday 2013minkpinkMeet the fantastically patterned Holiday Collection from MINKPINK. If you don't already know the brand don't worry, I will be introducing you to it in further detail later this weekend. These leggings from the Australian brand caught my eye recently when I was lucky enough to view the Fall/Winter + Holiday collections in Toronto. Always a fan of patterns and textures I fell in love with the idea of wearing these leggings with a long black cable knit sweater, or a cashmere turtle neck; mixing punk pattern and leather with luxe, I get fashion goosebumps just thinking about it ;) minkpinkIf you're not quite ready for such a bold statement piece but still want to ease tartan into your fall wardrobe then check out my final pick of the week.3. Givenchy Square Doberman and Tartan Scarf: From Net-A-Portergivenchy scarfPuppies and tartan, a dream come true!!givenchy scarfWhat can I say? I'm a sucker for a dog print, paired with tartan it gives an extra edge to the already edgy print. And its a scarf people, try not to take your scarves too seriously, I have a very strong opinion on this, best saved for another time, same place. 

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