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The Revolving Door at Balch & Bingham Keeps Whirling, This Time Sweeping a Longtime Partner to the Exits as Embattled Firm Appears to Be in a Downward Spiral

Posted on the 19 November 2021 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

The revolving door at Balch & Bingham keeps whirling, this time sweeping a longtime partner to the exits as embattled firm appears to be in a downward spiral

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The revolving door at Birmingham's Balch & Bingham has swept another legacy partner out the exits at the scandal-plagued law firm, according to a report at Writes Publisher K.B. Forbes, under the headline "Death Spiral? Balch Legacy Partner Rob Fowler Leaves Embattled Firm":

Sources close to Balch & Bingham report this afternoon that long-time environmental lawyer and Balch partner Rob Fowler has left the embattled firm after almost a quarter-century of service.

His webpage at Balch has been eliminated.

Regardless of his legal work on behalf of alleged unsavory clients, alleged racist quarry companies, and possible polluters, Fowler was a trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable lawyer of environmental law, and was one of maybe a dozen long-time legacy partners left at Balch.

The firm has been seen a mass exodus of experienced and money-making partners in the last several years.

Is Balch becoming a shadow of its former self? It's starting to look that way:

The crew left behind appear to be a collection of “green behind the ears” attorneys who lack experience and quality of work product. As we reported this summer, Balch has seen a decline of 27% of their local attorneys and has allegedly been plagued by inexperience.

The death spiral caused by less revenue and more inexperience appears to help Balch & Bingham’s competitors.

Fowler allegedly spearheaded the now infamous Vincent land-grab which allegedly bought up whites-only land in an attempt to place a rock quarry next to a historically African-American area of Vincent. The Vincent community united and tossed the Balch stooges out of office during elections last year in a resounding defeat against Balch.

Now Fowler has boxed up his personal belongings and left the awful skeletons behind.

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