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The Revival of Powder Foundation Into Everyday Makeup Routine

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With big makeup brands working tirelessly to put out more products in the market, it should not come as a surprise that different kinds of powder foundations are back on the shelves. Some makeup fans think this is all a marketing ploy, but a lot of makeup professionals are actually happy with the comeback.

Powder foundation has been popular since the nineties when the matte face was the trend. By the end of that era, however, makeup artists and women shifted to liquid foundation and sticks that do not only give a more skin-like finish, but also deliver longer wear.

So, what is there to be excited about powder foundations?

They have changed. The formulas are different, hence, they feel more luxurious and they do not just sit on top of the skin. Great attention has been directed toward making them adhere better to and last longer on the skin.

Due to the revamped formulas, some women are a little intimidated by the new texture and are struggling a bit in working the product into their makeup routine. If you are keen on giving this product a try and actually using it often for a simpler daily makeup process, here are pro tips on how to use powder foundation:

A big and fluffy brush that is tapered at the top works better in picking up the product and ensuring a decent coverage, as opposed to a flat top brush that is commonly used for mineral foundation.

2. For fuller coverage, use a makeup puff.

The puff picks up more product, which will allow you to build up coverage faster. Also, makeup puffs allow the product to smoothen out pores for a flawless finish.

3. For the fullest coverage from a powder foundation, use a mineral powder foundation.

The Revival of Powder Foundation Into Everyday Makeup Routine

The best mineral powder foundations, such as those from Bare Minerals, offer full coverage, and a little goes a long way. However, it is best to use the brush the product comes with to ensure an easier application.

Also, you need to allocate a bit more time into your makeup process because mineral powder application requires really buffing the product into the skin so it fills in the pores and it interacts with your skin's natural oils. With proper buffing using the brush, the product's texture will transform from powdery into creamy, which will provide you with the look of naturally smooth skin.

One of the best self makeup lessons on using a powder foundation is to apply concealer under the eyes, the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and chin. The brightening effect of the concealer will prevent your face from looking too flat once you have applied powder foundation. Plus, concealer will ensure maximum coverage for blemishes.

5. Use it instead of a loose setting powder.

The Revival of Powder Foundation Into Everyday Makeup Routine
If you are not keen on switching your cream or liquid foundation to a powder one, you can still work in the latter product into your makeup routine. This time, as a replacement for a loose setting powder, which is actually a little messy to use. Apart from understanding how to use powder foundation, we should decode the types of foundation.

The powder foundation works just as well in mattifying the face and providing you with the look of perfect skin. Furthermore, it can lock the rest of your makeup in for much longer wear.

6. For a fresh face, use it to set tint products.

'Want a look that just takes five steps to complete? Apply your hydrating skincare product, follow it up with a brow tint to your eyebrows, lip and cheek tint on your cheeks, puckers, and eyelids, perk up your lashes with mascara and set your face with a powder foundation using a complexion brush.

The light dusting of the powder foundation will make tint products look more natural on the skin, and it still lets your own skin's glow peep through.

Do you need this product, though?

Not really. It is not a must-have item, especially if you are already used to your liquid or cream foundation. But, if you are a true makeup fan and want to "get" powder foundations anyway, you can expect to get some use out of them especially if you want something to keep sebum at bay or create no fuss, no muss makeup looks often.


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The Revival of Powder Foundation Into Everyday Makeup Routine

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