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The Restoration and Revelation of Eve

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Written by Nicole Miller

Picture this…

Eve EdenScene 1:  The God of all creation, The Eternal One, The Alpha & Omega, creates the universe, the stars, the moon, the heavens and the earth.  All things were created by Him and for Him.  He is perfect, so everything He created was perfect and GOOD.  The earth was filled with vibrant colors of translucent blue skies and plants glistening with thick, lush greens.  Various animals of shapes and sizes roamed a very special portion of the land called the Garden of Eden.  The atmosphere was filled with beautiful sounds of all types of beasts, serenading their Creator in perfect harmony, many of which are no longer in existence today.  All was well, however God still had more creating to do.

Scene 2:  God creates man and names him Adam.  He sculpts him from clay and sets his feet upon a rock…Himself.  In God’s infinite wisdom He blows His very own breath into Adam and Adam is…ALIVE!  The angels stand in awe and wonder.  Now this is a first…there is one now made in God’s own image!  From that moment on Adam is the apple of His Father’s eye.  They enjoy sweet fellowship together, walking and talking together in the cool of the garden.  But something is missing.  For the first time, God saw that in all of His creating something was NOT good.  “It is not good for man to be alone,” God says.  And He knows He has more creating to do.  He also knows that this will be the final touch to His masterpiece, as God always saves His best for last.

Scene 3:  God creates a woman.  She is fashioned from the rib of Adam as she was made for Adam, to be his helper.  Woman slowly inhales and exhales her first breath, her eyelids flutter open and her vision slowly clears.  Although she was made to help Adam he was not the first person she saw.  In fact, he was still deeply asleep somewhere off in the garden. Woman’s first image was that of her Creator.  And what a glorious image it was!  The moment her vision cleared her whole being was flooded with LOVE. Unconditional, eternal, agape love.  The love of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit embraced her, stole her heart, and showered her all within mere moments.  She was overwhelmed with Him.  As she stared into His eyes, her entire entity was inundated with the revelation of who He was and who she was in Him.  Elohim! Adonai! El-Shaddai! King of Kings!  Lord of Lords!  She couldn’t help but praise Him!  Her first words were that of praise for her God!  And He was definitely hers.  She was her Beloved’s and He was hers. She delighted in Him and He delighted in her.  All of this was happening as Adam slept soundly.  The woman’s focus and eyes were for One, and only One.  Her Maker was her husband, and she knew that she was first and foremost made for Him.

During this intimate, precious time with God the woman discovered her identity in the Most High. 

And then, when God knew she was ready to meet Adam, He woke up Adam and presented her to him.

Eve’s identity was based solely on Christ.  She didn’t have the obstacles of brokenness so many of us face today.  There was no sin in the world so she didn’t have to struggle with the lust that comes with previously being promiscuous.  She was untouched by any man when she met her husband.  She didn’t have parents who verbally abused her, called her ugly and rejected her.  She didn’t grow up in a single parent home or even a broken home.  From the moment she was created she knew that she was of great worth and value.  She understood that she was fearfully and wonderfully made and she basked in the affection her Father so eagerly showered upon her.

Unlike Eve, many of us do not know our worth.  We have been bruised, betrayed and wounded.  But guess what?  So was Christ.  Christ was beaten and stripped bare. He was mocked and humiliated. And he endured undeserved, agonizing pain so that we could be restored to our Maker.  So that God’s daughters would again know that fellowship which existed between Eve and God while Adam was asleep.

Christ came not only to save, but also to restore and to reveal.  Restore you to your rightful place as an heir to His throne.  And reveal your eternal identity that rests in Him alone.

About Nicole:

Nicole Miller is a life long student of all things eternal.  Her faith helped her to overcome great heartache and propel her into discovering her identity in Christ.  She works in Finance, has an MBA in Accounting, and hopes to influence the business world for the kingdom of God.  Writing, music and running are just a few things that bring her immeasurable joy.  You can find out more about her interests and life journey at her blog: and follow her on twitter: @strgtower7.

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