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The Republican Platform

Posted on the 25 February 2017 by Lowell
The Republican Platform
This is not the "official" Republican platform, but it's close enough.  What it represents fits quite nicely into what we've seen of the Orange Monster's plan for the country.
The following is sort of a baseline of Republican thinking.  But the Republican thugs frequently come up with new "issues" which, because they pretend to love freedom, they intend to force upon the American people.
For example, in one state there is a proposed bill to require doctors to try to bring a dead fetus back to life.  In Texas, a bill requires fetuses be given a funeral and burial.  At least 18 states are attempting to make protesting the government a felony equivalent to terrorism which would allow the police to arrest protestors on almost any pretext.  Concurrent with that, the police would also, according to some of these bills, be able to attach (read "steal") a person's assets - cars, money, homes, etc., even before a trial and conviction!  [This, by the way, is actually the case in some states right now!]
Additionally, in almost every state run by Republicans they are attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, deny Medicaid patients monies from the Federal Government, change history textbooks to eliminate "liberal" biases, which in all cases means to subvert the truth.
Here are the main articles of Republican faith.  You will note that each one serves to further subjugate the working and middle-classes and enrich the wealthy.
* In all political situations, reject wholly and totally, any bipartisanship.

* Take health care away from over 20 million citizens.

* Destroy Medicare and Medicaid.

* Destroy Social Security

* Access public workers retirement accounts and turn them over to Wall Street sharks.

* Defund Planned Parenthood.

* Negate all ethical guidelines or ethical enforcement of elected officials.

* Ignore the threat of global warming.

* Make fundamentalist Christianity the nation's official religion.

* Strive to remove minorities from the voting rolls.

* Ban all Muslims from entering our country.

* Stop Mexicans from entering our country.

* Continue to reduce taxes on the rich.

* Increase an already bloated military budget.

* Ignore our infrastructure needs - broken roads and rotten bridges.

* Declare war if necessary to obtain more oil or other resources from other countries.

* Pretend the U.S. in "exceptional."

* Destroy the Public School System.

* Require Universities to hire "conservative" professors.  (This is being proposed now!)

* Charge abortion doctors with murder.

* Pretend life begins at conception.

* Forbid the use of contraceptives.

* Continue to pay women less than men for the same work.

* Require welfare recipients to take drug tests (this does not apply to the people who run the companies who live off government welfare, e.g. Boeing).

* Remove all regulations on food production and sales.

* Remove all regulations on pharmaceutical production and sales.

* Remove all regulations on corporations and allow them to pollute our rivers and lakes.

* Protect corporations from lawsuits by people negatively affected by their actions.

* Ensure that everyone in the country can purchase and carry any type of firearm made.

* Continue with laws already in place which allows a person to kill another person with a gun if he or she feels threatened.  This one is big here in Florida!

I'm sure you could add some other tracks to this Republican platform.  They've had years to plan and put this platform into effect.  If Republicans had controlled the government for the past 85 years, there would be no Social Security, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no welfare, no safety net of any kind!

The Republican "heaven" is actually very much hell for everyone who isn't white, rich, Christian (in name), and corrupt!

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