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The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

By Lauriej
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta BitikoferThe RoseThe Redemption Duet Book 1by Sheritta BitikoferGenre: Sweet Paranormal RomanceThe Redemption Duet by Sheritta BitikoferBelle lives her life from day to day, nearly crippled by her social
anxiety. But if you ask anyone in Levi about it, they'd say she's a
sweet, quiet girl who works hard to keep up her family's small ranch
while holding down a job at the bookstore. No one knows that beneath
her smiles lay a shy introvert who wants nothing more than to stay at
home. It was easier to stay alone, stay isolated. That's when she was
the happiest. But during one thunderstorm, all of that changed and
she met the first man she ever actually wanted to spend time with.
Leo made a habit of avoiding people when at all possible. Getting tied
down, making friends, having a life only meant suffering. The
darkness that followed him since his adolescent years never left, not
really. It'd show up and ruin any hint of happiness that came his
way. Running from his past and the brother that cursed him with this
demon, Leo never expected to find something like home in the little
country town of Levi. And he didn't expect one storm to bring him to
the barn of a girl with fire in her eyes and a face as beautiful as a
sunrise. A sunrise that could chase away all the shadows.

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The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
As she poured hot water from her overused kettle over a fresh teabag, she heard a loud crash followed by a peel of thunder. Belle glanced over her shoulder to the darkened window but saw nothing except the pattering of raindrops against the glass.
She went straight to her laptop table and peered at the surveillance videos. She couldn’t see anything obviously wrong until one of the feeds showed that the barn door had come unlatched and banged furiously against the outer wall. This startled the horses and though there was no sound on the footage, she could hear all three mares knicker and the loud cries of the ewes over the pouring rain.With a sigh, she knew she’d have to wait to start on that second cup of tea until she fixed the door. But just when she was about to turn away, Belle caught sight of something in the camera. For just a moment, she thought she saw something moving outside of the animal pens. It was too big to be a sheep and stood upright like a person.She stared at the screen longer, her pulse racing as she tried to make sense of what she saw. Nothing moved again, but that didn’t keep her from spiraling into a panic. Maybe someone had broken into her barn. Her entire body went ice cold at the thought.Another clash of lightning made the power flicker and she could see the bright green glow of the string lights flicker and die in the live video feed. Belle had convinced her father years ago to rig the barn with electricity so they didn’t have to take a lantern or flashlight with them if they had to check on the animals at night. However, that power had always been glitchy and unreliable at best. She had left the lights on to give some comfort to the animals during the storm, but who knew if they would turn back on.Donning her rubber boots and raincoat, she grabbed a flashlight from the hook on the wall and dove out into the storm as she tried to ignore every instinct to stay inside where it was safe and dry.Mud sloshed all around her pant legs, soaking them through until she felt the water chill her ankles and seep into her socks. Not even her boots could keep out the torrential downpour. Plump, cool drops splashed on her face, thoroughly dampening it despite the hood that concealed much of her head.The rain fell across the yellow beam of light, almost obscuring her view. Somehow through the darkness and haze of rain, she saw the barn door slapping against the front side of the barn with every gust of wind.Belle stopped to examine the damage, her shoes sinking into the deep puddles that had already formed on the ground. She knew for a fact that she had locked up the barn before going back inside that night. The padlock couldn’t have been knocked off by the wind and the key was still sitting on the kitchen counter. It had to have been broken by something. Or someone.Fear rose up in her throat, but she tread softly toward the barn doors. Belle swallowed hard as she inspected the lock and found that it, along with the latch, had been ripped completely off, and lay in the mud just in front of the entrance. Whoever had gotten in was either incredibly strong or had a tool sturdy enough to rip off the lock.When she shined her flashlight around the opening, she saw what the intruder must have used. An iron crowbar lay in the dirt just inside the threshold. It hadn’t been there before, but Belle recognized it as her father’s. His initials had been etched into the handle when he forged it himself for a school project.Belle picked up the crowbar and swung the door shut behind her. She pushed back her raincoat hood and shined her flashlight around inside of the barn, willing for the beam to stop bouncing as her hands continued to shake. She swept it along the horse stalls, then to the sheep’s pen to the far back right corner, then to the old run-down Volkswagen opposite from them.There was a thickness in the cool air that confirmed her suspicions that something wasn’t right. Whoever had broken into her barn must have still been there, lurking in the shadows where her flashlight couldn’t penetrate.After another quick check with her light, she roamed to more closely inspect the barn. Nothing appeared to be missing in the way of supplies or animals. Yet, there was still an unease that filled her spirit. It just didn’t feel right, and she hated the way her heart pounded against her ribs with painful urgency.

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
The LionThe Redemption Duet Book 2
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
Belle Clearwater’s prayers had been answered, but there was still so much
left to discover. Now determined to reject her mental illness, she’s
decided to be brave and not let her anxiety disorder take her away
from what matters. With the help of her friends and her faith, she’s
sure that she can finally have her life back. Something greater is
stirring in her heart and the man that had served as her solid ground
might just send her world off kilter again. All it takes is one
moment of honesty.
Against every bit of common sense, Leo Thompsons has chosen to stay in Levi.
The Darkness and his murderous brother are closing in, but he
believed that as long as he has Belle, he can find a way to break the
curse upon his soul. With the power of love and prayer, he’s
finally fighting for his life and the chance to share that life with
the beautiful farm girl. Fate brought them together, but is he strong
enough to rebel against the forces of evil that have hounded him for
so long? Can he, once and for all, defeat his demons?

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The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
“Scared me, man!” he shouted over the trap music. “Lookin’ good!” Mack reached out and squeezed Leo’s bicep in the kind of way that reminded him of a man who looked to buy a piece of livestock and wanted to test its sturdiness. Leo smacked his hand away, effectively startling the manager. “I need a place to put my stuff,” he said, jerking his chin toward the duffle bag slung across his chest. Mack recovered and offered out his hand to take it there for himself. “Someplace no one will get to it,” he clarified, unafraid to sneer at him. It didn’t pay to be friendly in a place like this. Mack’s throat worked when Leo dropped into that serious tone and then nodded. “All right. All right. I’ve got a locker in the backroom. You can put it there.” He handed Leo the tiny padlock key and gave him his usual thorough directions.“When’s my fight?” Leo asked, making the key disappear in his fist, so no one would try to pinch it. “You’re my first matchup!” Mack announced proudly, his one gold tooth blinking in the club lights. As if to prove that he wasn’t lying, he took the dry erase board he had been working on at the bar and showed him. The column of names on one side of the tree didn’t matter to him. The one blank spot where the winner’s name would be written did. “Rules?”Mack began to list out the scant regulations set down for the tournament. The only restriction appeared to be the usual. No eye gouging and no groin shots. Everything else was permitted until his opponent tapped out or passed out. “Kicks and grappling?” Leo asked. The manager grinned. “All fair game.” “Payout?” “Six Gs.” More than enough. Leo nodded in approval and pulled out his wallet to count out the bills. “Buy-in’s five hundred.” He froze in the middle of his count and shot Mack a glare that could peel paint. “You told me it was four.” The wanker only shrugged. “Must have misspoke.”Leo feigned a smile. “Must have.” He stacked what bills were needed to get him into the fight and held them out for Mack between his two fingers. Before the manager could take them, Leo grabbed for his shirt collar and pulled him in close. “You better not cross me on this,” he growled in warning. “If I find out you skimmed my winnings again, I will find you.”And Mack knew Leo could. He didn’t have connections, but he had his demon who loved a good fight. The bookie’s hairy brows shot up and he nodded quickly, hands raised as if he had already been caught in the act. “We’re clear,” he assured. “But I didn’t cross you that time, you know. It was – “Leo shoved him against the bar counter, knocking over a few beer bottles in the process as Mack’s feet were nearly lifted off the floor. He could have easily snapped this weasel’s spine if he wanted to. Good thing for him, Leo still needed the money.
“I know it was you,” he snarled, getting close enough, so only Mack could hear him. “Be grateful I’m in a forgiving mood tonight. Otherwise, you’d be in the river by now.” 
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
An author of paranormal and urban fantasy fiction, Sheritta Bitikofer
lives for the deep, engaging stories that enthrall readers from cover
to cover. As a wife and fur-mama of eclectic tastes, she can be found
roaming Civil War battlefields, perusing the romance section of the
bookstore, or relaxing with a plate of chili cheese fries.
Take a look at the books she has available and stay tuned for new releases.

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The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer
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The Redemption Duet by Sheritta Bitikofer

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