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*The Red Lip*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
*The Red Lip**The Red Lip**The Red Lip**The Red Lip*Dress : H&M / Blouse : c/o OASAP / Lips : Kate Moss for Rimmel shade 01 / Nails : Essie Lapiz of Luxury /Yes, I've braved it. Up until recently the thought of wearing a red lipstick has done no less than terrify me. There is always those questions going through your head of 'Does it suit me?' and 'Is there red lipstick all over my face?' But nevertheless, I stepped up the courage, and with a lot of 'blotting' I realised that wearing a red lipstick really isn't that bad, and If anything, it's rather flattering. Now, i don't have the 'perfect' shape lips, but I do find wearing a bright or dark lip color can really define your lips - never a bad thing hey? I just went for simple eye makeup because i didn't want it to look 'too much'. The dress is just a really basic black sun dress from H&M and the blouse is the one i was sent from OASAP (Yes, I'm a little obsessed with it) and i decided to wear it slightly differently, as a little 'jacket'! Do you think it works?
I've got my last exam tomorrow, so as you can imagine, I'm incredibly excited (not about the exam, that is.) I can't wait for summer now, and am in serious need of a break! The motivation to revise has suddenly gone and i just want to chill, blog and spend time with friends. Have you all finished your exams yet? Please excuse the lighting in the pictures too, i took them at 'dusk' so they turned out rather yellow! But I've finally got a picture where you can see the slight Ombre in my hair! I really rather love it! What do you think girlies? 
Have a lovely evening! x x x

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