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The Real Thing

By Latoya @latoyallawrence


Thursday, March 09, 2006 at 2:54 AM EST

There have been a few guys who liked and were genuinely attracted to me and i guess that is normal but they didn’t really know me personally. The person who i am inside. Guys have tried to get to know me but i wasn’t interested in getting to know them. And then there have been those guys who were after me just to get into my panties i just kept my distance from them. I could read the lust in their filthy eyes.

Of course, i’ve heard of people falling in love with one another but i never really believed in it. I’m thirty years old and still wonder if it’s a real thing. I always thought that it was a bunch of television crap. Nevertheless, my common sense tells me that there is way too many people in the world for the concept of falling in love to not actually exist.

Do most people know the difference between infatuation, attraction, and true love though? I know people who’ve been married for years. Something is keeping them together. Everybody knows that there are people who wed only to take advantage of the other person. They marry for money or status. Some even get married out of loneliness. The need for companionship.

I personally cannot vouch for any particular couple who beats the odds when it comes down to the deep, meaningful, long lasting relationships society builds up. I’m not saying that it doesn’t exist or that it’s not out there i’ve just never come across too many who were able to achieve that standard. Anybody can say they have a great relationship when just the opposite is happening behind closed doors. Talk is cheap. Times are hard and life is sometimes a struggle. A lot of people like their freedom and space, i know i do!

Any type of relationship requires a certain amount of patience and selflessness whether it is family or friendship. And spending too much time together can get on the nerves, especially if you are not compatible. It’s good to just take things slow most people are out for themselves.

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